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Gaming Health Hero MRR Ebook

Gaming Health Hero MRR Ebook
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Chapter 4: Social Problems

Socialization is a very important element in every individual’s life. However, not all people get to realize its importance. With everyone’s lifestyle becoming more and more busy, it can be quite a luxury to have an effective socialization with your friends. This is especially true to those people who are too addicted to video games. People who are gaming addicted should be aware that too much playing of these games results to some social problems. Identify them immediately to quickly address them accordingly.

Addictive Gaming Affects Your Social Health

Your mobile phone starts ringing and you quickly rush to check who the one calling is. It is your best buddy. He probably likes to do some outdoor activities and hang out with you. Anyway, it is Saturday. You consider picking up the phone, yet rather decide not to. Rather, you tell yourself “/ will call him the moment I end this level”. You promise to yourself that you will call him since even though you attend to similar school and go most of similar classes together, you have not really get together for quite some time. You simply have become too busy. Therefore, you make a promise to yourself that, “the moment I finish...”

People who become addicted to online gaming come across similar situations most of the time and there are instances in which they need to choose if they will interact with their real world or carry on living inside the virtual one. Unfortunately, the real world hardly ever wins.

Social problems have become an extremely real portion of gaming addiction. Addicted gamers are spending a lot of time in playing their favorite games through which their personal relationships become neglected and sometimes, even disappear at once. Among all addicted married gamers, as much as 50% report the strain within their marriage because of their addiction.

A swift online information search regarding online gaming addiction will result to a number of stories about disturbing and possibly dangerous social decisions players have created as gaming becomes a priority above anything else. One of these stories was regarding a man who has installed the online gaming system into his laptop, allowing him to play even at work, although he is completely aware that being caught may mean being fired. However, another story was told by a wife who has a husband who starts playing literally “all the time” since he said that it helped him ease his mind from too much thinking of problems.

It is not simply neglect that put risks on the relationships of addicted gamers. Few of them have even talked a lot about their choice of games, to the extent of the elimination of everything else, allowing people not to want to be with them any longer. They won’t or can’t participate into the conversations in the real world or become a source of encouragement or support to family and friends. While their friends are talking about other things, they start to feel being left out that in return leads them to feel offended or irritated. It does not happen to them that they have chosen to become left out as they choose to devote most of or rather all their time to playing their fantasy games.

Few of the physical problems brought by video gaming addiction might result to social issues as well. For example, an addicted gamer who get inadequate sleep due to too much playing simply does not have the needed energy to use to deal with relationships. Having lack of sleep might also let an active gamer feel irritable and hard to be around with.

Haring insufficiency on social interaction which roots from excessive gaming might also have some long term social consequences. For instance, an addicted teen will not develop efficient social skills that will obstruct his capability to maintain and develop healthy rapports during his college years and onwards. Suddenly, he is 21 but has some social abilities of a 15 year old. He does not know how to make and deal with friends, conserve with opposite sex, or simply hang out and have fun with the company of other people. The social hindrances produced by the gaming addiction isolationism, sadly, feed continuously the addiction. A gaming addict would tend to go back to his virtual world in which relationships are simpler and are willingly waits for him.

Addiction to gaming can be very serious. Even though there are still several debates whether or not it is a diagnosable condition, there is apparently a part of the society for those people who consider gaming as more than a simple and casual pastime. Those people need family members and friends who truly care to interfere and attempt to help them put an end to the continuous gaming addictive cycle.

Chapter 5: Physical Problems

Addiction to video gaming affects the health of a person to a high level. Usually, it is very hard to treat the symptoms that are caused by nonstop gaming. What’s even worse is that excessive and incessant gaming may lead to some physical problems. Indeed, aside from social issues, too much gaming may result to certain physical problems.

Excessive Gaming Leads To Physical Problems

You have been looking for it all day. You have gone through and traveled a very long way, sometimes going over and over to ensure that you have not missed anything. A few areas are highly infested with aggressive creatures that you have been obstructed to continue on your journey not until those creatures have been destroyed. After going through all the challenges along the way, you have finally found the thing that you are looking for. It is the secret channel that brings you to the other place. You have moved up to another level. You get very excited that you never notice that you are feeling some backaches nor do you realize that you are on the edge of acquiring some migraine headache again.

This story' might sound a bit strange, but it is all too familiar for those video gaming players who are commonly called gamers. Whether they are playing online or on Xbox, they get into the gaming world that is full of elves,

dragons, witches and a lot more, as they travel to such mysterious and most times secret locations. Gamers spend most of their time within this “other” world that they start to provide some physical damages to their bodies.