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Getting Your Guy Mrr Ebook

Getting Your Guy Mrr Ebook
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If He Is Sure That He Won’t Lose His Independence

Men don’t like the idea of losing their independence. They still want to be able to have their own loess even after they get married. Independence doesn’t imply that he is free to date other people though. It simply means that he will get to enjoy his life and not live it like someone serving a time in jail. He will want to be able to still hang out with his friends. He would like to be able to do his own things like watch a game without his wife hovering around him.

When you are dating him, you need to prove to him that he will have his independent even when you are married. Let him have his space when you are dating. Don’t nag him or follow him around. Don’t be too possesive and try to spend every second of the day with him. In addition, encourage him to pursue his dreams. In the meantime, you should also have your life. Do your own things and hang out with your friends from time to time.

You can get a man to propose to you if you can prove to him that you will let him live his own life and not try to run his life just because you are married.


Men want to commit to women who are honest. There is nothing that men abhor more than a woman who is dishonest. You have to ensure that you don’t hide things from him. For instance, if you used to be married before, don’t let him find out after you are married. You should also never use deceit to try and get him to commit. For instance, getting pregnant in order to get a commitment is just a stupid move that can cause some resentment from your man.

If you try to deceive a man to commit to you, you may end up alone and miserable. You should also never lie to him especially if he needs your opinion on something. For instance, if he wants to open a business and you don’t think this is a good idea, you should politely tell him so. Lying and approving just to make him happy will not work out for you. He will feel betrayed especially if he discovers your deceit.

They Don’t Feel Caged

A man will actually commit if at all the woman allows him to make this decision without pushing him. He may have thought about marrying you but as soon as you start pushing him, then this will work against you. You can hint or start asking him to make a commitment. You should also try not making any ultimatums since this a great way to push him away. Take the time to get to know him without pressuring him to make a commitment.