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How To Quit Smoking PLR Ebook

How To Quit Smoking PLR Ebook
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Handling the Pain

When you ask smokers the cause for their smoking, their instant reply will be to de-stress. Suppose your three-year-old toddler is crying for a toy. How would you react? You will give him the toy, leave him, or give him some drugs to keep him calm. Similarly, your child is anxious about the coming tournament. In order to calm him down, you will advise him, or give him some kind of drugs.

In all the above said examples, the child is suffering from some kind of pain or anxiety. You can control the temper of your child by a little advise, support and assurance. The cause for their anxiety is the demands during the development phase. When we grow physically, emotionally, academically or spiritually, we experiences anxiety. We should never take our growing phase as burden. All of us have the tendency to become sad or feeling pain or anxiety. But, we must try to overcome this attitude. We can never be happy without this growth. Growth plays significant part for our contentment and happiness.

We can never introduce our child to this deadly addiction, as we are well aware of its consequences. Do you think it is good to smoke for attaining relief?

Smokers make several excuses for smoking. For Instance, feeling lonely or having a lot of job stress. One of the several common excuses of smoker is that there is no fun in social gathering without smoking. This clearly shows that smokers make excuses to smoke. They smoke in stress as well as fun.

Women often say that quitting smoking means putting a lot of weight. Do you think it is a justified cause to smoke?

Smokers are well aware that smoking is injurious. Thus, to divert their minds they make such excuses. The cause for these false excuses is the addiction of nicotine.

Once you quit the smoking habit, you will realize that smoking only harms. It does not help you from overcoming the stress. But, it is the cause for several deadly diseases. Even after quitting smoking, you may tempt to have a cigarette. You may be tempted at social gatherings or feeling lonely or sad. Before taking cigarette, remember that smoking is nothing but killing oneself. It never helps you. It only harms you and makes you weak.

Whenever you want to smoke, just give a few seconds to yourself. You will realize the blunder, you are about to commit.

Hookah: Another name of Smoking Equipment

Smoking a Hookah is a very slow and comfortable experience of smoking. Smoking hookah demands a little preparation. You need to prepare tobacco. It is not similar to nicotine addiction or the puff of cigarette. But, it is like relaxing among your friends. People continue to smoke hookah for 30 to 60 minutes.

The preparation for Hookah smoking goes like this. Firstly, cleaning of Hookah is done with cold water. Then select a bowl of tobacco, light it and add charcoal to it. The aroma of hookah will come out through the bubbling water. After filtering it with water, it becomes cool and soft. The pleasant smoke of hookah will charge up the senses.

Certain techniques are also applied to enhance the experience of hookah smoking, such as putting ice in the water or chilling of the hoses. Addition of fruit juice or wine in the water leads to enhance the flavor of hookah smoke. To develop a special flavor, customers as well as the manufacturers mix tobacco with other flavors.

But, before smoking Hookah take these precautions and steps. Charcoal used in the Hookah should be appropriate, as there are certain harmful charcoal briquettes that can lead to intake of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas. Take a little quantity of Hookah tobacco in the bowl. Some people add more tobacco to enhance the flavor of Hookah, but it is a wrong notion. If you are not getting the desired flavor then it is because of less heated coals. Add more fresh and hot coals and enjoy flavor of Hookah smoking.

Hookah smoking is mostly done among friends and family members. It is more or less like a culture or tradition. Thus, Hookah smoking has certain rules and regulations. For Instance, Charcoal heat should never be utilized for lighting cigarettes. On another person’s face, never blow smoke. But, if the person demands and want to enjoy the flavor then you can blow the smoke. Never share the plastic mouthpiece with other person. When a person set a hose on the table that means he had finished smoking. Now, other person can use the hose. Wrap the hoses around the stem, after the completion of hookah smoking. While smoking hookah only go for tobacco. So, enjoy the Hookah smoking with your friends.

How Non Smoker Get Breast Cancer?

Some people have taken smoking for fashion but this trend of theirs can lead them at the threshold of most ugly form of cancer-Breast cancer. The studies and researches draw a line between truth and myth. One of existing misconceptions is the myth that young men generally get addicted fast to smoking. But it has been found that young women adapt this bad habit much quickly than young men. The next horrid conclusion that comes forward is that passive smoker is at high risk of breast cancer than chain smokers.

World health organization shows us the true picture of smoking by associating it with 25 cancers like uterine, kidneys, cervix, and pancreas. Women and non smoker are finding more prone to the breast cancer than any other form of cancer and unfortunately sufferers’ list is going high day by day. It proves that smoking is not only deteroiting chain smoker health but also showing its side effects on health of persons standing near by him. For women, smoking is synonym of death as it enhances the risk of heart strokes and heart attacks making them the worst victim and the chances get ten fold if they are using medicines for birth control along with smoking.

List of ill effects produced by smoking never ends making it a never ending process. Smoker take cigarette happily thinking that it will free them of tensions and stress but it releases them of their life. Dull look is easily visible on face. They soon develop wrinkles. They suffer of bad breath and yellow teeth and are ever complaining about tongue and stomach ulcers.