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Internet Profit System PLR Ebook

Internet Profit System PLR Ebook
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Every entrepreneur has the power to make an absolute killing on the Internet.

Yes, this includes you.

Whether you’re an existing marketer in search of serious passive income, a part-time dabbler who just can’t get consistent sales with your existing funnel or maybe a newbie with no experience and a lot of desire, you have the power to pull six-figure profit off the Internet as consistent and routine as clockwork.

In fact, there is only one thing that separates the wannabes from the wealthy, the tinkerers from the Trumps: successful Internet marketers have learned how to effectively and consistently DRIVE TRAFFIC in an ever-changing Internet world.

It sounds simple, right? Well, it is. It's just not easy. It will require a journey toward personal and professional development to which you must totally commit. But why should you believe me? What's makes me such an expert on the subject?

I’ve spent twenty years building Internet businesses and creating software solutions that get results. My first Internet business began in 1997. In 2003 I launched a software company that generated profits in excess of $15,000 within 30 days and over six figures my first year.

I have developed innovative marketing tools, custom software solutions that drive tons of traffic. Internet marketing gurus swear by my software solutions and their effectiveness. I can tell you that everything you're about to read in this e-book WORKS. This is one of the most important skill sets you will ever learn.

This information will radically change your financial life and indirectly your entire life, given the correlation between financial success and personal freedom. It will give you control, once and for all, over how to achieve your short and long term goals. As a tool for financial independence it will ultimately impact every area of your life. Your confidence will soar.

As someone interested in Internet profits, you might very well have a goal in mind or some idea about what you want to do with this new-found knowledge. Perhaps you just want extra cash. Maybe you want to create wealth. Maybe you want to make enough profit to quit your current job and retire early. Maybe you just want to improve your marketing funnel.

Regardless of your intentions at this moment, I can tell you that as soon as you learn the skills I'm going to teach you, you are going to see immediate improvements in every area of your Internet marketing business.

Take a moment to consider why you do the things you do. What is the motivation that drives your actions? Why do you want to master Internet marketing?

Nine times out of ten the answer to that question will be: “If I can sell products on the Internet, I can make a lot of money.” But can't you make a lot of money in a professional career? Think about it. A career as a nurse anesthetist requires about 6 years of education and offers a mean salary of about 140K on average throughout the United States. What about salesmen? There are door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen who make 100K per year.

Why isn't everyone knocking on doors and making a killing? Because not only is it difficult, there is no freedom in it. And worse, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO LEVERAGE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT. Careers which are the result of education and certification frequently result in some manner of 'glass ceiling' where future increased salaries (profit) isn't possible. On top of that you're tied into a burdensome weekly schedule. The whole point of making money is freedom. Freedom to do what you want on your own time; freedom to live and work wherever you want, for as much or as little as you want.

That's it. That is the point. Don't get confused about why you are in college, or why you went to college or why you are working a career or just have a job. Everything you do, consciously or unconsciously, is to achieve the goal of quitting work for good and having enough money...to DO WHAT YOU WANT. And if you don't know the skills I'm about to teach you, then it doesn't matter how much you study or what you do. Nor does it matter how much money you make.

Not having the skills you are about to learn – how to properly and effectively create lasting value and drive traffic – means you won't have the confidence of knowing that you're heading in the proper direction; knowing that you'll be able to get what you want: financial independence.

There are lots of people out there who just get “lucky”, but we are not interested in that. Why would you want to be one of the lucky ones? Why would you want to be the person who just so happened to be in the right place at the right time in order for something good to happen to you? I'm not going to teach you how to put yourself into routine strategies and systems which simply allow whatever happens to happen.
I'm going to teach you how to CREATE the most profitable and effective marketing systems, which will allow you to rapidly grow and scale your Internet business.

Everyone knows that “knowledge is power”. I'm certain you've heard this phrase over and over throughout your life. It sounds good – but it is completely meaningless. Knowledge isn't power…

Application is power.

You can know anything and everything, but if you don't apply the concepts, you will not be any more powerful.

Let's say when you finish this e-book that I give you a system, which, if you use properly to plan and build a rock-solid Internet business, would generate a million dollars. All you have to do is follow the rules and it will only be a matter of time before you have a million dollars in profit.

When you get the system are you rich? Of course not. Do you have a million dollars? No, you don't! All you have is the knowledge about HOW to get the million dollars. You have to stand up and motivate yourself to follow the plan and get the money.