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Living An Inspired Life And Inspiring Others Mrr Ebook

Living An Inspired Life And Inspiring Others Mrr Ebook
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How do you prepare a garden for growing flowers and fruit trees? Do you just plant the seeds and water them straight away? After a while, the flowering plants and fruit trees will rise, no doubt, but in that pampered soil, the seeds of weeds also rise. Weeds are ruthless creatures and can eventually strangle the most beautiful and inspiring flowers.

So it is with the garden of your mind. If you set out to plant inspired ideas in your life, you first have to get rid of bad habits – the weeds of your mind. Not just remove them at the start, but continuously watch out for them. Even the most brilliant of inspired thoughts will die in a forest of vices. Even one bad apple can ruin the basket.

How do you keep weeds out of the Mind Garden? Focus hard on your dream. In an archery contest, Arjuna, one of the mythological Pandavas in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, is asked what he sees when he aims at the fish hanging from the ceiling. He answers – I see only the eye of the fish.

Thus you can cast aside vices that tempt you. Read great books, watch classic movies and listen to good music for inspiration. Vices creep in through the windows of your senses. So immerse all your senses only in brilliance and beauty. Your face will shine like an Enlightened One all day and your mind will have an invincible power. And only then will your inspired seeds bloom into achievements.

By the way, when was the last time you worked in a garden? Go out there today and put your fingers into the earth. Smell the soil and the roots of plants. Thou doth forget the earth and the life that it nourisheth and yet thou seeketh the seeds of inspiration!