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Navigating The Paleo Diet MRR Ebook

Navigating The Paleo Diet MRR Ebook
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What is the Paleo Kitchen Book?

'The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking' is more than just another cookbook. It is a complete visual guide to adopting a paleo lifestyle without making the sacrifices you would expect from a strict diet. Not only are the recipes varied and delicious, but the book itself is beautiful and full of color. Unlike many paleo or other diet cookbooks, The Paleo Cookbook is not full of exotic ingredients you’ve never heard of or strange new flavors you’ll have to get used to. For the most part, the recipes in this book are just healthier, cleaner, tastier versions of recipes you already know and love.

Who Are The Authors?

A combined effort by two authors, who were already individual stars, in the paleo community; The Paleo Kitchen draws on the varied strengths of George Bryant and Juli Bauer, who both have their own personal experiences with the paleo diet. Reading George Bryant’s life story is like reading a Hemingway novel. The author of the Civilized Caveman blog struggle with his weight for over 20 years, developing an eating disorder and an unhealthy obsession with exercise. He served with the Marine Corps for 12 years and nearly lost both of his legs during deployment. This event inspired him to take control of his life, and after living happily and healthily on the paleo diet he devoted his life to helping others do the same.

If that sounds a little intense, don’t worry: co-author Juli Bauer balances the book out with her sarcasm and light-hearted humor, which many readers claim to be one of the highlights of the book. The author of the popular PaleOMG blog is committed to healthy practices like CrossFit and paleo but does not take them, or herself, too seriously. Her refreshing honesty about her own struggles and failures with her diet helps readers stay motivated during their own dark times.

What's Covered In The Book

Much more than just a cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen includes a broad collection of paleo recipes in addition to extras like paleo shopping lists, tips for getting started, guides for eating out, and more. The recipes themselves span all the categories you would expect from a traditional cookbook; breakfasts, snacks, soups, salads, and sides, as well as mains divided according to the main protein; pork, chicken, beef, and seafood. The authors round the book out with drinks, desserts, and even homemade paleo condiments.

Newcomers or even veterans of the paleo diet may be surprised to find recipes such as french toast and pancakes within this book. One of the book’s strong points is that it includes recipes for paleo versions of many traditional favorites. Anyone struggling to stick to the diet will be thrilled to discover they can indulge in their favorite treats without cheating.


- Over 100 recipes that span an impressive diversity of flavors, keeping the paleo diet fresh and exciting every day.

- George Bryant’s impressive photography skills are put to good use; The Paleo Kitchen is packed with mouth-watering photos that inspire you to cook.

- The index includes a photographic recipe index.

- In addition to recipes, this cookbook is filled with general tips and wisdom to help you live the paleo lifestyle.


- The desserts, while satisfying, are not outstanding. This is only a letdown due to the quality of the rest of the book; the pancakes and french toast are spot-on, but the desserts taste more like what you would expect healthy desserts to taste like.

- There seem to be typos in some of the recipes which cause the instructions to be confusing or illogical. For example, one recipe calls for you to preheat the oven before marinating the meat for four hours. On the upside, these errors are easily resolved with common sense and are a small nuisance at worst.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon and other platforms, The Paleo Kitchen has received almost universally glowing praise. A few high profile testimonials stand out. Michelle Tam, bestselling author of Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans, cites Bauer’s wit and Bryant’s photography as particular selling points. Danielle Walker, author of another bestseller, Against All Grain, comments on the perfect balance of information and entertainment, claiming that she has never enjoyed cooking so much before. Overall, consumers and peers alike report being very pleased with The Paleo Kitchen.

Ready For Your Own Copy?

Considering everything that went into The Paleo Kitchen and the benefits you can enjoy by using it as a cooking guide, it is a strongly recommended buy for anybody who wants to lead a natural, healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it. This cookbook is ideal for anybody who is new to the paleo diet or who is on the fence about giving it a try.