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Opt-in Mailing Lists PLR Ebook

Opt-in Mailing Lists PLR Ebook
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Everyone will tell you… the gold is in the list.

And the reason is simple. Once you have a mailing list, you automatically have your own personal cache of people you can pitch products to.

· Have you created a blockbuster ebook or developed some innovative software program? Blast an email to everyone on your mailing list.

· Have you found a hot membership website that pays a sizable affiliate commission? Blast an email to everyone on your mailing list.

· Have you launched another website and you’re looking for immediate viewer traffic? Blast an email to everyone on your mailing list.

Of course, the bigger and more targeted the list, the better the results. And the result you’re ultimately shooting for is more revenue.

Not that you’re going to use your mailing list as a permanent and exclusive sales machine. That would be deadly.

What you have to do is keep a fair balance between sales pitches and quality information… If you send out too many blatant “buy this now” messages, you’ll lose the trust and support of your mailing list members.

If you send out too much free information over an extended period of time, you might just alienate your mailing list members when you do finally pitch any type of product to them.

That’s where balance comes into play. You need to supply them with quality information and advice for free. But you also need to incorporate promotion messages that are related to that information.

For example…

Let’s say your business is based on SEO information and products. In one of your mailings, you’re explaining how to get the most benefit out of Google Adwords.

And in the midst of all that free information and advice, you let them know about this great software program that can increase their advertising profit margin… Adword Analyzer ( http://www.adwordanalyzer.com ).

Or maybe the information you’re providing is based on different methods of generating website traffic. That would be the perfect opportunity to mention a product like Traffic Equalizer ( http://www.trafficequalizer.com ).

Overall, it’s much more effective to include your sales pitch either within or associated with any free advice or information. It’s the soft-sell approach that most customers find much less offensive.

But since the whole point of having a private mailing list is to enjoy the benefit of sending messages to an eager and receptive audience (and do it whenever you want), there will also be numerous occasions when you’re simply promoting something. Without including any free information or advice.

And therein lies the gold.

Once you’ve established a solid and trustworthy relationship with your list members, you can pretty much call any shots you want or need.

As long as you maintain a comfortable balance between sales pitch and extended periods of no promotion whatsoever, you’ll always have the ability to generate almost immediate volumes of revenue.

Of course, the first priority is to start building that mailing list. But not just any mailing list. You want - and need - only those individuals who fall into the following two categories…

1. They have a strong interest in your particular niche or market.

2. They are anxious and willing to receive promotional messages from you.

The first one is a no-brainer. If the people on your list have little or no interest in whatever niche or topic your business is based on, there’s little or no chance you’ll ever get them to buy anything. The second category comes down to two different aspects…

First, you want your entire list to be totally and completely opt-in. In other words, every member has joined your list simply and solely because they want to be on it.

Second, you want to make certain each person who signs up for your mailing list knows that they will be receiving promotional messages, and not just free advice and information.

And you want them to know this before they sign up. That alone will minimize the number of disgruntled list members, mainly because they know exactly what to expect right from the start. No surprises down the road.

Anything and everything you can do to prevent someone from accusing you of sending them spam is worth the investment.

If you fully, completely, and honestly inform potential list members of the exact nature of your messages, you’ll satisfy half the requirement of gaining a good quality list. The other half is the opt-in factor.

Rather than assume someone wanted to sign up for your mailing list, it’s important that you make them confirm their decision. That way, there’s no chance someone else filled in their name and email address, without their knowledge or approval.

Always remember…

The gold might be in the list. But without the benefit of quality list members, that gold will be extremely hard to come by. No matter how many killer sales pitches or how much free information you send them.

Do it right the first time and you’ll have your very own virtual gold mine.

Building A Profitable Opt-In Mailing List

The operative word here is profitable. After all, there’s not much good in owning a mailing list if it doesn’t generate income.

And the first step in building a profitable mailing list lies within the tools of the trade. In this particular instance, that would be the method by which you capture names and email address.

Since we’re talking about profitable lists, let’s eliminate the usual bare-bones method right away.

That would be the method by which you slap a form on your website where people can input their name and email address. You receive their information via email notification and then manually add them to whatever program you plan to use in order to send out messages.

When it comes to online business, automation is and always will be an important ingredient. The more tasks you can set on auto-pilot, the more time you’ll have available to invest in promotion and marketing.

Using automation for mailing lists is even more beneficial. A good system can easily subscribe and unsubscribe names and email addresses, organize and keep track of numerous independent lists, and send out messages at specific and assigned intervals (aka autoresponder messages). Although you might be tempted to use a system that merely captures and manages names and email addresses, don’t. Whether you plan to implement autoresponder messages right from the start or not, it’s an extremely important aspect of generating income.

Without follow-up capability, you’re leaving a good deal of potential revenue behind. Not everyone will purchase from you right away. In fact, a very small percentage of viewers will buy something the first time around.

The whole purpose of gathering names and email addresses is to have a database of people you can send information and promote offers to. Being able to keep in touch with those same people through autoresponder provides even more benefit.

So make certain you choose a system that can easily and effectively handle all your mailing list needs and ongoing maintenance. And that definitely includes unlimited autoresponder capability.