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Self Improvement Package PLR Ebook

Self Improvement Package PLR Ebook
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Now your child is growing older it is even more important that you provide a positive role model for your child. We are all a product of our upbringing and early environment. We are conditioned to respond to certain situations and stimuli.

In Victorian times, and in some societies in our modern world, children were expected “to be seen but not heard!” How could that possibly instill a sense of self worth into a child? They are so valuable to their parents, that the adult would prefer them to pretend they weren’t there! No wonder children brought up in this type of environment lack confidence and belief in themselves.

If as a child, all you hear is your parents moaning and complaining about how hard life is, how difficult EVERYONE else makes their job, how awful the boss is, it is easy to see how the child can become negative about the world in general.

Don’t let them hear you saying you can’t do x, y or z. Actions speak louder than words so if there is something you are afraid of doing, why not see can you beat that fear. Parents who approach everything in life with a “I can do that” attitude are much more likely to raise confident kids.

So try putting on a pair of rose tinted glasses especially around your kids. Make an effort to make positive statements and see the silver lining in all the dark clouds. Give your children the chance to be a positive, well rounded human being and you never know you may enjoy life a little better as well.

We live in a time pressed society where everyone is so busy working, paying bills and constantly trying to catch up on life. With the current economic downturn, more of us are stressed over the bills and our jobs. Children don’t understand that it is outside influences that are causing mum and dad to be snappy or hassled – they can very easily believe that they have done something wrong.

So try to take some time out and take your kids out to the park for some fun. Or play a board game with them. There is nothing like children’s laughter to melt away your problems or worries if only for a little while. And children don’t need expensive toys and games to be happy. They need love and attention from the people that matters most to them i.e. you.