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Social Networking Blueprint Give Away Rights Ebook

Social Networking Blueprint Give Away Rights Ebook
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The key to the Social Networking applications is interaction between the users. You can encourage this in a couple of ways depending on your interest in the subject.

If you are genuinely interested in the subject and you’re prepared to interact with other people on the subject, you can simply go looking for other Lenses on your subject, post some comments on their articles/lenses, and when you’ve shown you’re ‘genuine’, you can ask for their feedback on your pages.

That will work well for a lot of people but if you don’t really want to initiate this sort of contact (or spend that much time on it), there’s an easier way that takes a lot less of your time.

You still go looking for related lenses, but instead of commenting on their page, you simply add a link to their page from yours. Most ‘Lensmasters’ will soon notice that you’ve linked to their page, and they’ll pay you a visit.

If they like the content they’ll generally add a link back to your page. And the more people do this for you, the higher your page ranks, and the more visits it will get.

This approach works well on Twitter as well ... search for people with related interests and sign on to 'Follow' them. They'll get a notification that you are following, and the majority will check out your page to see who you are and why you're interested in them. If you're page is of interest to them, they are quite likely to follow you as well.

The other thing you might want to do for your Squidoo visitors is asks specific questions. I’ve noticed that the lenses that ask for the general ‘feedback’ or ‘comments’ rarely get a post, (mine included) but those that ask as specific question of the visitor can get dozens of answers.

And of course the more people interact with any of your pages, the more likely they are to bookmark them and come back regularly!