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Superb Mobile Marketing Mrr Ebook

Superb Mobile Marketing Mrr Ebook
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Chapter 6 The Surefire Success Mobile Marketing Campaign

A successful mobile marketing campaign is something to really strive for and that is only possible if you try your best to follow these minimum guidelines.

Mobile marketers who are successful adhere to the "No Spam" rule which will help keep your subscribers from leaving your lists. Spamming is also against the law in many areas and can land your business in trouble which could lead to fines and other possible losses.

In order to prevent looking like spam to your subscribers, you need to ensure that the same message or a cluster of similar messages are not deployed in too short of intervals. Any messages that are transmitted should vary greatly from one another and provide different information, deals or codes.

Relevant offers are a must and will help ensure that your customers get what they want from your SMS subscription service. The best way to do this is to ensure that your SMS services are routed correctly and that your response messages are set to be sent to the correct requesters. For example, if you had a restaurant business and your customers wanted to join your SMS subscription to receive offers on your restaurant deals then it would be wildly inappropriate to be sending them deals on baby clothing offers.

Some businesses like to mix the types of messages that they are transmitting to their subscribers by providing useful tips, advice, news and information between sale notices and offers. This helps to offset the surge of people who only come in during the deal times. The simple messages also remind the consumers that your business is there and subliminally allows them to work your business into their daily plans for that day. Receiving a helpful tip from a business not only provides the tip but allows the recipient to know that your business was thoughtful enough to spend time giving said tip. This makes the recipient think about your business which can in fact influence them into going to the business for their needs. It may not be the same day, but that small mental nudge can work wonders.