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Snapchat Marketing Personal Use Ebook

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Insider’s Guide to Snapchat Marketing

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media platform created for sending photos, videos, and text messages that disappear in seconds. There are several different features such as Stories (photos or videos that can be viewed for 24 hours before disappearing), Memories (saved photos and videos for viewing and sharing in the future), and filters, lenses, and stickers to give your posts and messages some fun flair!

Snapchat isn't like any other social media platform out there. It’s all about real-time videos, personal messaging, doodles and emojis, and quirky, fun content. The content there is full of personality and is rawer, versus being buttoned-up and refined. So, you’ll have to approach your strategy a little differently than other social media platforms. Brand messaging that is TOO professional or salesy will be seen as boring and not engaging. Instead, you’ll need to think outside-of-the-box and have some fun with the content you share.

Why You Should Use Snapchat for Your Business

So why market your company on Snapchat? There are several reasons:

- Since it’s a different type of social media platform, there is less competition. That means it’s easier to stand out and dominate!
- There’s no algorithm that decides which subscribed content Snapchatters will see. If they’re subscribed to your business, they will be able to see everything you post under the Subscriptions section of the app.
- It’s extremely popular with millennials, and an effective way to reach new audiences.
- It’s a great way to show your brand’s playful side and engage with potential customers.
With Snapchat, you can instantly connect with market-driving audiences. Here are just a few facts about Snapchat’s users:
- 280 million people use Snapchat each day (on average)
- 75% of millennials and Gen Zers are on Snapchat
- Snapchatters spend an average of more than 30 minutes on the platform every day

If you’re ready to get started with Snapchat marketing for your business, the first steps are to create a business/ads account, setup your pixel, and then create a public profile for your business.

How To Setup A Snapchat Business Account

Setting up a Business Snapchat account is quick and easy. First, visit https://forbusiness.snapchat.com/ You’ll click the “Get Started” or “Create an Ad” button to get started with setup. On the next screen you’ll enter your account details. Choose your username carefully, you only get 15 characters to tell your audience who you are!
On the next two screens you’ll input the name of your business, your location, currency, and phone number. And that’s it! You’re done creating your business account and ready to set up your Snapchat pixel.

Setting Up a Pixel

Once you’ve created your business account and are logged in, click on the dropdown menu in the top left corner of the screen. From there, under Assets, click the Events Manager link. This will take you to the pixel creation screen. You can either copy the pixel code to add it directly to your site header, or you can opt to use the Partner Integration feature which includes setup options like Google Tag Manager. Snapchat will walk you through each step in the process regardless of which option you choose.

Once you’ve finished setting up and installing your Snapchat pixel, it’s time to create a Public Profile for your business so that Snapchatters can find you!

Creating A Public Profile for Your Business

Snapchatters can keep up with your brand by subscribing to your Public Profile. Subscribers will be able to see your public profile posts in their Subscription carousel, and non-subscribers will be able to find your brand by search, @ mentions, and the Discover and Highlights sections.

With a public profile for your business, you’ll be able to see analytics such as Story views, subscriber vs. non-subscriber views, subscriber growth, and engagement. This information is accessible both in the app and also on the web-based platform for business. You’ll also be able to add an ecommerce store (using Shopify) to sell your goods on the app.

To set up your public profile, follow these steps:

- Log into your Snapchat Business/Ads Manager account
- Click the dropdown menu in the top left. Under the Business section, click Public Profiles.
- Click “Create a Snapchat Account” or “I already have a Snapchat account”
- If you already have an account, login with your profile username and confirm you want to link it to your business account
- If you don’t already have an account, you’ll be prompted to create a username for your public profile
- Next you can input your profile information, including your profile picture, bio, category, location, website, and email.
- Once you are done filling out your profile details, click “Create Profile” and your account will be live!
Remember, public profiles are discoverable and a great way to be found organically and build a following.

How To Leverage Your Existing Community

Many of your current community members probably have a personal Snapchat account already. To help build your Snapchat following, reach out to them and tell them how to find you there! Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

- Change your social media profile pictures to your Snapcode
- Share a link with followers that goes directly to your Snapcode by adding your username to this URL: https://www.snapchat.com/add/USERNAME
- Talk about Snapchat in your YouTube and TikTok videos and invite followers and viewers to join you
- Promote your Snapchat account in emails that you send to your existing audience

Pro tip: Create content or an offer that is only available on Snapchat. Promote it via email and social media to encourage existing community members to join you on Snapchat and subscribe to your account there.

Tiktok Marketing Personal Use Ebook

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Insider’s Guide to TikTok Marketing

What is TikTok?

TikTok, at its core, is a social media platform for short, easily digestible videos. It originally started as a lip-syncing app named Musical.ly but now has become one of the most popular platforms for video content. As of January 2021, TikTok had 689 million monthly active users worldwide, with more than 100 million of those users in the United States. It was the most downloaded app of 2020, and its explosive growth is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Currently ranking as the seventh-largest platform when it comes to user count, TikTok is bigger than SnapChat, Pinterest, and even Twitter! Users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on TikTok, only a few minutes behind the 58-minute average for Facebook.

But wait, isn’t TikTok really just a bunch of kids sharing silly videos? Absolutely not! While it’s true that TikTok does have a higher number of younger users, 1/3 of its audience is over 30 years of age and that number is growing. And interestingly enough, TikTok has more male users than female users, which is not the case for other popular social media platforms. According to an analysis by the App Ape, 55.6% of TikTok users are men, and 16.8% of its users are in their 40s.

TikTok is available in more than 200 countries and is recognized by 89% of Americans. One major feature that sets TikTok apart from other social media platforms is that users have the ability to download videos from other users and upload them to other places. Even if you don’t have a TikTok account yet, you’ve most likely seen viral trend videos (called TikTok Challenges) on Facebook or Instagram that were originally from TikTok. In short, it’s everywhere. But in spite of the numbers, few marketers are using TikTok for marketing, which means it’s the perfect time to get started!

Optimize Your TikTok Profile

When you first setup your TikTok account, it’s important to optimize your profile right away so that users can find and follow you. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Make sure you are using a business profile and not a personal or creator one.
2. Choose the appropriate category for your business profile.
3. Make your username relevant and descriptive.
4. Fill out your bio.
5. Add a website link to your profile.
6. Add an email address to your profile.
7. Add a YouTube channel link.
8. Add an Instagram profile link.
9. Add a profile photo.

How to Build A TikTok Following

• Choose a niche so that you can gain followers interested in that topic.
• Be trustworthy! Share information that people know they can trust.
• Have fun with it, after all, no one wants to watch someone who is obviously not enjoying themselves!
• Post videos often, multiple times a day if possible.
• Be authentic. Viewers can tell when you’re being fake and it leaves a bad taste in their mouth.
• Tell a story. People love stories! Use your videos to tell a story in a creative way that keeps them engaged until the end.
• Immerse yourself in the TikTok app and learn the lingo, how people use the app, etc.
• Monitor analytics on a regular basis to see what is working and what isn’t. Use that info to help you plan future content to grow your following.
• Focus on one message for each video. Keep it simple and to the point.
• Be consistent with posting content. Don’t post 10 videos today and then nothing for a week. You’ve got to keep up the momentum!
• Post at the right time of day for your audience. Post at various times on different days and watch your video stats to see what gets the best response.
• Use the right hashtags for your content and niche. Choose at least 1-2 relevant hashtags and then add one trending hashtag, like #fyp, #tiktok, or #foryoupage to help extend your reach.
• Duet other people in your niche so that you can reach their existing audiences as well.

Use Your Existing Community to Grow Your TikTok Following

• Download your TikTok videos and share them on other platforms
• Link to your TikTok in your other social media profiles
• Add your TikTok link to your website
• Be direct and ask current fans from other platforms to follow you
• Create posts where you share your TikTok link and invite others to put their links in the comments as well
• Offer an exclusive lead magnet that is only available on TikTok and promote it on your other social channels

Make Money on TikTok

TikTok isn’t just for fun, there are many people making big bucks too! Here are a few ways to make money using TikTok:

Sell your goods – Demonstrate a product or service that you offer and invite viewers to purchase via the link in your profile.

Give something away for free – Create a video that offers a free product or service that can be claimed on your website. Include a paid upsell option after people grab the free item.

Promote affiliate products – Share informative reviews of products that you are an affiliate for. Be sure to offer a special bonus or discount code (if available) that is exclusively for your viewers.

Offer a TikTok discount – Promote a paid product or service that you offer but provide TikTok viewers with an exclusive discount code.

Partner with influencers – Find influencers in your niche or that appeal to your same audience and partner with them to promote your product or service. Give them an affiliate commission for each sale and a discount code they can share with their followers.

Power Mass Blueprint MRR Ebook With Audio & Video

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Bulking up, as in bodybuilding, is often seen as synonymous with lifting weights. And for most people that’s where the equation ends. As long as they lift weights, they believe they’ll get jacked.

However, there’s much more than just weightlifting when it comes to bodybuilding essentials. In fact, it’s an entire series of components including nutrition, supplementation, and training. Then come rest and recovery, along with lifestyle changes that will help you gain muscle and keep it that way.

You will need to incorporate these and other essentials to get results. And while weights are integral to becoming ripped, they won’t get you anywhere alone.

So here we will look at what you need to do and what routines to follow to reach your goals.

Chapter 1

The Mindset of a Champion

Mental toughness is a trait required for success in any field. It’s what gives your goals resilience, gets you over adversity and lets you follow through with what you set out to do in the first place.

When it comes to bodybuilding, you don’t just need your body but also your mind to collaborate together.

You have to put your mind to the game to win it. For many people, bodybuilding doesn’t work out because they don’t have their mind in the game.

What separates the successful from others is not only their dedication or motivation but also their mindset. So it’s not only your physical competency that will set you apart but also mental attitude towards getting to your goals.

Here’s what you need to look for in the mindset of a champion:

Unwavering Dedication

If you want to build quality muscle mass, you’ll need to be very dedicated to your goals. It’s a strong set of beliefs you’ll need to follow where your goals are defined clearly.

Your dedication, may, at times, be dictated by your physical strength, stamina and endurance. On other occasions, you may be driven on by your eagerness to learn. But whatever the case, you need to believe whole heartedly that you are cut out to achieve your goals.

There will be times when your dedication and determination may waver but you need to stay on course. You’ll need constant reminders of why you started this journey in the first place and that thought should keep you on track.

Dedication can also be reinforced if you’re always willing to learn. This willingness becomes the driving force for continuing and improving your craft by constant practice. This way you can develop grit and achieve the mindset of a go-getter.

For added motivation you could have posters of professionals on your walls or in your phone. This is another way to stay focused.

When you look at those pictures, you’ll be reminded of why you started in the first place.

Fight Distraction

Distractions can make you derail from your priorities and goals. When you lose focus, you lose the game. That’s why it’s absolutely imperative that you keep distractions away. Even when you’re faced with distractions, you need to muster up the determination to ignore them completely.

For instance, if you’ve already chalked out a workout routine, you need to stick to it no matter what. Champion athletes and bodybuilders know that they have the potential to improve and don’t let distractions get in the way. Missing out one day of training can quickly evolve into a pattern of laziness, but champions never let it get to that point.

One thing that works quite well is planning your day beforehand. When you’ve already planned your day, you’re more likely to follow through. Being spontaneous is great, but doesn’t always deliver when you have an agenda to follow.

Having said that, you can’t completely get rid of distractions because they’re an integral part of productivity. However, you can train your mind to ignore any distraction that comes your way. Look at the bigger picture and keep yourself focused on that.

Finish What You Started

Many people start their muscle building routine with a lot of excitement and passion but they don’t finish because they either get distracted or become lazy on the way. You need to keep the same level of motivation going on as you had on the first day of your training.

Something that works well for this is to keep track of your progress. If you can see how you’re progressing, you’ll be tempted to finish what you’ve started.

To make things easier, you could make a checklist for yourself. Write the different exercises that you have to do on every day of the week. Just ticking off the task from your list will give you a sense of satisfaction. This is necessary if you want to reach the finish line without tiring out or losing focus.

Hiit It Hard MRR Ebook With Audio & Video

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Chapter 1: Cardio Training, Then and Now

If you want to build muscle, then you need to cause muscle damage and metabolic stress. By lifting weights, you can cause a build-up of damage and this will provide precisely the stimulation you need to trigger muscle growth during rest.

To lose fat, improve your fitness and get better health though, you need to use cardiovascular training.

Cardiovascular training is any type of training that involves exerting yourself for an extended period of time. Very often this will mean running long distances, with jogging being perhaps the most popular form of cardio training. Not far behind though are swimming, cycling, skipping, rowing and others.

Traditionally, this kind of cardiovascular training has been ‘steady state’. That means that you put on your running shoes, you step out of the door and you run for about 40-60 minutes. It’s steady state because you are maintaining a steady level of exertion throughout the course of the exercise. In this case you are jogging at a set pace and then maintaining that pace.

For a long time, this was thought to be the very best way to burn the maximum number of calories and to improve fitness – and there was good theory behind why this should be the case. Specifically, it was thought that there was an optimal ‘fat burning zone’ and that this could be found at roughly 70% of your maximum heartrate.

This makes sense in theory, seeing as faster than 70% of your MHR would put you past your ‘anaerobic threshold’. In other words, you would be running so fast, that you wouldn’t be able to rely on your aerobic energy system for fuel: you simply couldn’t burn fat quickly enough and so you would be forced to rely on energy stored in your muscles as ATP and glycogen.

It would appear to make sense then, that running at 70% of your MHR and maintaining the maximum pace at which the body burns fat, should result in the maximum weight loss.

But this isn’t what modern research has found.

HIIT stands for ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ and it completely turns this concept on its head. In HIIT you actually alternate between bursts of intense exertion (such as sprinting) and periods of relative low intensity exercise (like jogging or power walking). This way, you are switching from your anaerobic energy system to your aerobic system and back; switching between burning energy stored in your blood and muscles and energy stored as fat.

But what makes this so effective is what happens after the anaerobic training. When you exert yourself maximally by sprinting or exercising otherwise at 100%, you deplete any energy that might have been available from sources other than fat. This then means that following that, your body can only burn fat for energy – there is no other option remaining.

Thus, the you will then burn even more fat during the aerobic portions of the exercise. And when you finish and go home, you will continue to burn fat stores because you’ll still be low on stored glycogen. This is what some people refer to as the ‘after burn effect’ and it means that after an intensive session of HIIT, you can continue to burn more calories for the entire remainder of the day!

More Benefits of HIIT

HIIT is able to burn more calories than steady state cardio then and because you’re exerting yourself more at certain points throughout your training, this means you should also see be finished in a much shorter space of time.

Typically, a HIIT session can last between 10-20 minutes and be just as effective in terms of calories burned as a 40-minute run. For those who have a busy and hectic work schedule then, HIIT training is the ideal solution and allow them to squeeze in a few short minutes of highly effective training to get amazing results!

There are more reasons to get excited about HIIT too.

When looking at any type of training program, what’s always useful to keep in mind is the SAID principle. This means ‘Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands’ – it means that your body changes to adapt to the demands placed on it. If you train at altitude, you become better at training at altitude. If you jog, you become better at jogging.

Thus, HIIT makes you better at high intensity activities – which include sprinting, running, rowing, boxing, wrestling, play fighting, sports, moving furniture and more. These are things we are much more likely to utilize in our daily lives and that makes this a more adaptive and useful form of training. Whereas steady state cardio makes you more effective at ‘long slogs’, HIIT makes you explosive and athletic.

And this also creates a number of other great advantages too. For instance, HIIT has been shown to help improve the efficiency and number of mitochondria. Mitochondria are tiny ‘energy factories’ that live inside all of our cells and have the critical role of creating and utilizing ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This is the most fundamental form of energy in the human body and it’s what fuels all our movements as well as all our thoughts. More mitochondria means greater energy efficiency.

That means yet more athletic performance and even more brain power. Your brain cells have mitochondria too!

Ever wondered why little kids seem to run in circles all day without getting tired while older generations get exhausted from getting up to turn the TV on? One of the big reasons for this discrepancy is the difference in the number and efficiency of mitochondria.

This also improves your ‘VO2 max’, which is the amount of oxygen you are capable of using. The greater your VO2 max, the more efficient you become at oxygenating your body. This is one of the biggest indicators of physical fitness and one of the things that athletes are encouraged to focus on in their training.

But perhaps best of all is that the kind of explosive movement used in HIIT will invariably engage your ‘fast twitch muscle fiber’. These are the muscle fibers that contain more mitochondria and that are responsible for delivering rapid power. They’re also the biggest type of muscle fibers and the ones that will make you look like a bodybuilder.

If you engage in steady state cardio, then you can risk converting your fast twitch muscle fiber into slow twitch fiber. Why? Because you are placing high energy demands on your body over a long duration – and thus your body will want to move the ratio toward the most efficient form of muscle fiber. What’s more, is that you create a highly catabolic environment that in short starves your body of fuel and forces it to break down both fat and muscle.

This is why most long-distance runners also happen to be stick thin.

But when you engage your fast twitch muscle fibers, you show your body that you need explosiveness and you shorten the length of the catabolic period. This in turn means that you don’t risk breaking down muscle tissue in the same way, allowing you to create a physique that is hard, ripped and powerful. Women can expect toned definition, while men can expect rippling vascularity and striations.

Affincome Training Kit PLR Ebook With Audio & Video

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If you are into the marketing field then it becomes quite important to stay engaged in industry news including news about the latest launches in the market and how the customers find and decide to purchase products from the market. But with the constant shift in the taste of consumers due to development in technology, it can be hard to stay on top of the field. The best way of marketing can be by studying and assessing the nature of consumers and their natural and constant tastes so that you can at least stick up to those to still remain as a valuable player of the game. You need to strategize your moves so that you can gain profit to your company and also so that your partners get a leg up while promoting your products in the market.

In this guide we will be talking about a form of marketing i.e., Affiliate Marketing. We will dig into this topic and see why everyone should opt for it in this era, its various advantages, disadvantages, types etc.

Every entrepreneur after a certain point of time, tries to expand his business. And one of the best ways to expand business is by finding and trying to regulate an alternate stream of income. Finding an alternate source of generating income does not mean that you can no more pay proper attention towards your business rather it means that now you can complement the growth of your business by improving the quality and quantity of investment. The alternate mode of income will indirectly help you in providing more value to your customers and followers.

If you are not into affiliate marketing, it’s high time you consider taking advantage of this remunerative revenue stream.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is basically an online sales technique that lets the owner of a product increase sales by giving rights to others targeting the same audience, who are known as affiliates, to earn a commission by recommending the product to others. At the same time, it helps the affiliates to earn some income from the product sales without actually having to create or sell their own products.

To be precise, Affiliate Marketing is all about citing a service or product by sharing it on a website, blog or social media platforms. The Affiliate partner earns a commission each time a buyer makes a purchase using the unique link associated with their reference. If practised with utter care and dedication, this performance-based opportunity can become an essential part of your business by providing you with a healthy source of income.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

To be a part of an Affiliate Marketing program, you will have to follow these five simple steps:

* Search for and join an Affiliate program
* Choose from the lot of available offers to start promoting
* Procure a unique affiliate link for each offer you choose
* Share those links on your website, blog or/and social media platforms if any otherwise create them
* Collect your commission every time a buyer uses your links to make a purchase

Commission rates are subject to variations, depending on both the company you are working for and the offer chosen by you. In the least, you will earn around 5% of the sale but, with a few arrangements, you can earn as much as 50% of the sale, which mostly happens when you are promoting a class or event. You will also find Affiliate Marketing programs that provide a flat rate per sale rather than a percentage.

1.1 Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

This is one of the rare questions Affiliate Marketers ask themselves. Yes, you can surely make money by getting involved into Affiliate Marketing. Though Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of effort, the basic skills required to practise this system is very simple to catch on to, and once you become a pro in them, you could easily start earning some real cash in a very short period of time. Once you find the product niche you’re passionate about, you could even earn a good commission by simply expressing your genuine love for the product you chose to promote or refer, and feel good knowing you are sharing something you loved and is worth the cost for the buyers as well.

Now let's dive deeper into the question of 'Is Affiliate Marketing worth the effort?'

So the question of the hour is, “Is Affiliate Marketing worth the effort?” In order to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, you will have to select a product category to focus on, study your audience, write a blog and build a website your audience can trust, write a lot of quality content, and start promoting both your product and your content, and finally after a successful trial and error round, you could be on your way to receiving those well-deserved commission checks from satisfied brands earned from referring satisfied and happy customers. To be updated and to polish your skills and knowledge you will have to keep up with the trending online marketing fads, do not forget to promote your content on a regular basis, and keep updating yourself on how your product category of choice is developing in today’s developing era in order to remain a trustworthy resource on your chosen niche.

For research, tips on product, service and content promotion, and lessons learned during trial and error, this well-researched training guide of ours will help you in staying on top of what all you need to know in order to make your Affiliate Marketing business stand out of the league.

Success In Affiliate Marketing

For marketers who are more than willing to put in their efforts, Affiliate Marketing can undoubtedly turn out to be a profitable business in several ways. Some of the many benefits of Affiliate Marketing success are:

* A job you will fall in love with – Expanding your love and passion for products feels less of a job, and more of a hobby. Though this scenario only prevails until those yummy commission checks come rolling right into your accounts.

* You will be your own boss – In Affiliate Marketing, the entire work is done between you and the brand, and you will be your own boss deciding the types and niches of products you’re promoting, the strategies you use for marketing, and the type of marketing techniques that will give you the best of end results.

* Work according to your time – Rather than sticking to a fixed schedule that doesn’t fit your routine life, you get to decide when and where your promotions and content are made and posted. You can do marketing and generate revenue while on a vacation. You’re in charge of your daily routine.

The scope of success in Affiliate Marketing alone is worth the effort for many people. With the correct factual knowledge, flexibility, and preparedness to learn, Affiliate Marketing can prepare you for success as your own boss in today's era.

1.2 How Much Can You Make from Affiliate Marketing?

According to an estimate of some Affiliate Marketers’ monthly income, we can divide affiliates into:

* Total novices, who are facing complete losses at the moment;
* Low-level affiliates, who are generating revenue up to $300 per day;
* Intermediate affiliates, who are generating revenue between $300 per day to $3,000 per day;
* High-level affiliates, who are generating revenue up to $3,000 per day;
* Super affiliates or, who generate more than $10,000 per day.

One can only gain success in the field of Affiliate Marketing if they are persistent and have are determined in nature. It’s not like you can just assume what your profit will be all because you once earned 300$ per day. In this game, there are innumerable cases wherein people where only earning a meagre income for a long time but skyrocketed overnight. You could be lucky if you chose the right niche and the right strategy. And there are also cases wherein people who were enjoying huge lump sum amounts directly fell to sod.

How long does it take for an Affiliate Marketer to start earning a steady income?

So, the entire game is of determination, hard work and patience. To reach a point where you start earning consistently from the Affiliate Marketing system might take a while, hence, it is necessary for you to be patient and wait for fruitful results until your strategies get time to work out for your best. Quite often it takes from around 6 months to several years to start generating revenue you could call, profits, in the Affiliate Marketing system. Proper timing and your overall success completely depends on your capability to create quality and wholesome content, SEO optimization, abundant traffic generation, and effective marketing of your affiliate products. One thing you always have to keep in mind is the active usage of email marketing and your presence on different social media platforms. Nobody can skyrocket overnight. But by being consistent in marketing all your affiliate products and having the effective marketing techniques will absolutely bring you to your desired results.

Crypto Passive Profits Personal Use Ebook With Audio & Video

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Hello and welcome to this course entitled crypto passive profits. We are going to start with this first introductory lecture, which is called Introduction to Crypto wealth. And in this lecture, we are going to discuss three main methods that we are going to cover in this course about how to generate passive income from cryptocurrency, which is a trend at the moment, and it's starting to become widely adopted. So, let's move on.

Here are the three methods of passive earnings that we are going to discuss in this course.

1. The first one is: Staking cryptocurrencies. Which means basically that there are platforms where you can deposit your different types of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, aetherium, and others. And because of staking them, they're basically you are putting them in a safe deposit. And most of the time you don't have access to them for a limited period of time. Basically, you will earn an interest in that crypto.

2. Then we have the second method which is: Lending. There are platforms like the peer to peer lending platforms, where for example, if you have Bitcoin, or aetherium, or any other type of cryptocurrency, you can lend that cryptocurrency and you earn an interest on that usually it's somewhere between 10% or and goes up to even 25, 30, 40% per year depending on the cryptocurrency. But the average and the one that you should consider is the, somewhere between the 10 and 12%.

3. And then we have the third method which is: Copy Trade Platforms. There are a lot of platforms, which allow you to copy different traders these are trading platforms where people trade cryptocurrency and obviously there are some people there who are professional traders and do this as someone would do a normal job and they are professional at that and you can see their results and you can copy them.

So these are the free things we are going to talk about are the free methods we are going to talk about that allow you to generate passive income from cryptocurrency. Thank you very much for watching, and we're looking forward to seeing you in the next.

Creating Your Accounts

Hello and welcome back to this next lecture from this course on how to create passive income from cryptocurrency, we are going to discuss creating your accounts on different platforms and these are some general things.

So, which are the things we are going to discuss about basically, all of these platforms, given the fact that they work with people's money, they need to have a high degree of security for all of their users, including you and other users as well. So, that is why they need to verify your person very, very well to see that you are the real person that you exist, you are the actual holder of the account that you create. So, when you are going to create the account, you are going to have to fill in different forms with your name, phone number, address and so on, but these are like the main general things that they will require or the least. And in order for them to be able to verify your account and basically give you permission to do different types of transactions, they will also require from you a couple of things in order to get you verified,

1. One of the first things that they will require is a copy or a photo of your national identity card, front photo and the back photo.

2. Then they will require a utility bill or bank statement, no order to confirm your address.

3. And then they will require a selfie or a photo of your face to basically match the ID photo so that they can see you are that actual person.

These are the general things now depending on the platform, they might require from other stuff as well, other documents that you need to provide to them. But these are the main things and you should prepare this ahead before actually going into this. Thank you very much for your attention and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture.

The Platforms

Hello, and welcome to our next lecture from this course on how to earn passive profits from cryptocurrency. In this lecture, we are going to discuss the platforms that you have at your disposal in order to use one of the free methods that we have presented in the first lecture, which are staking, lending, and copy trading. On some of these platforms, you are going to have one or two of the methods, on some of them, you only are going to have one of the methods. And on some of them, you are actually going to have all three of them. Also, in the description of this lecture, you're going to find the links where you can actually register and create an account on these platforms, we have to mention that these are affiliate links. That doesn't mean that it costs you anything to create the accounts. But in the future, if you are going to decide to actually use the platforms and use our methods and actually do trades over there. The platforms are going to pay us a commission so not you to the platforms.

- Now, looking at the platform to start with, we have BITFINEX, which basically we are locked in right now you can see how it looks in the dashboard. We know it might seem a little bit complicated, but you're going to see what we are going to use in BITFINEX is not complicated at all. It's one of the oldest platforms, and one of the best, one of the most stable and secure.

- Then we have binance.com, which is actually the largest platform from what we know at the moment for trading cryptocurrency, they have a variety of services and a variety of ways that you can use it to trade crypto.

- Then we have iconomi.com, which is a platform for copy trading. And it's pretty secure, pretty big. They have some good volumes over here.

- Then we have BitMax, which is a very good platform for trading but also for staking.

- And we have Nexo, which is probably a custodian platform. And from what we know, that means it's a little bit more regulated than the other ones, which also means you don't earn as much. You cannot earn maybe as much if they don't have as many services but they are more secure. They are backed up by bigger institutions or companies. So this one should be good to go as well and they offer some very, very good and attractive and sometimes they also offer different types of promotions, for lending cryptocurrency and earning on your cryptocurrency that you don't use by lending. You can see that you earn up to 12%.

Now, let's open an incognito window to show you exactly how on account opening looks like. Basically, we are going just to show you an example BITFINEX because on the other ones, it's similar, you just have to go and press the sign up button in the right top corner and you will have a basic form to fill in the beginning. Username, email address, password. So when you open your account you will have to confirm your email address. This is something that you will have to do for each of these platforms. And after that you will have a verification process as we have told you in order for them to see that you are the actual real person and in order for you to be able to deposit money do trades, invest them, withdraw, you will have to complete this verification process because they need to see that you are the actual person the real person. So enough about that. Again, if you want to sign up please use the links from the description or the source file. Obviously if you want to support us, if not, you can just go ahead and sign up. However, we want to keep directly on the platforms, but we would appreciate it obviously and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture.

Earn Interest From Staking

Hello and welcome back to our next lecture from this course. In the previous lecture we have discussed the platforms that we are going to use in order to apply the free methods of earning passive income from cryptocurrency and we have seen that these platforms are BITFINEX, BINANCE, ICONOMI, BitMax and Nexo. There are other platforms out there as well, but these are the ones that we are going to show you exactly how you can use them to actually apply these methods. And we are going to start with the first method and we are going to show you on each of the platforms where you can apply these methods how it works.

- And the first method that we have discussed and that we want to show you is bitfinex.com. After you do the account creation, the verification, what you need to do in order to start using the staking type of service, you need to deposit some money into your BITFINEX wallet. Basically, BITFINEX is a platform where you can actually deposit money like Euro, USD, or Pounds in order to buy cryptocurrency, it works also like an exchange if you want to work in trades also, between Bitcoin and US dollars, so you can buy cryptocurrency and you can exchange them between them on this platform, so you don't need to buy the crypto from somewhere else and then exchange it into crypto and move it on BITFINEX. You can actually do that directly here on the platform. So after you login, you are going to see that in the top part of the screen in the menu where you are going to have an icon which says wallet option in the menu you are going to go on the deposit function and in the deposit function you can select as you can see payment cards. So basically you can fund your wallet from bitfinex with your card. You can pay with your card and just have to go to payment cards you select one of the services basically they allow you to buy directly from euro or USD or other currencies, Bitcoin, USDt which is a tether USD, Ethereum front, we recommend you to buy tether USD because from tether USD basically you can buy all the other major coins. And you have to check which of the payment processors you are going to go with because they are going to take your small fee, it's either one to free percent it depends. So, that's how you find your wallet. Now, after you have some money in your wallet, what you can do is go in the more section and into staking rewards and check out what staking offers they have at the moment. We have basically opened a new window, we are not going to go into a lot of details about what staking means. Staking means basically putting those cryptocurrencies that you have for example, the aetherium or others to work with more cryptocurrencies and it will generate like early work. So, basically they will be part of your coins and will be part of bigger projects or bigger work and they will generate early work because they are the platform that is using them for that and if you are going to scroll down, you can see that you can deposit for staking and you can calculate your potential rewards for different types of cryptocurrencies. For example, we want a Polkadot which is a very popular cryptocurrency at the moment. And it will show you that basically, the equivalent in dollars of a Polkadot is $34.66. So, the yearly rewards for one Polkadot in staking is 2.43 USD dollars, which means that it's around 7% per year if I'm not mistaken, 7% per year. So it's not a lot but obviously, it's earning its passive income. And if we are going to scroll down you can see basically all the earnings for the major cryptocurrencies. And for Ethereum, it's one of the best estimated annual staking rewards up to 10%, for Polkadot exactly as we estimated around 7%. So 10% is not bad at all.

Basically, this is passive income, you just think about it, if you put your own money or cryptocurrency in the bank, you have maximum per year, maximum maximum, and that's if they have different special offers maybe 2% 1.5%.

that's the maximum. And if you take into consideration the inflation as well, I know a lot of people are talking about that, but it's something real. You might not actually earn anything, you might actually maybe even lose, or something like that. So stalking it's much more lucrative as a passive income than returns or dividends from the bank or other types of institutions. Obviously, it's a little bit more risky, but with the major platforms, it's very similar to banks and other other institutions as well. So, this is how you earn from staking and obviously, do your own research. Before actually going into this we want to do just to show you how this works.

- Now, another platform where you can do staking is BINANCE. And in BINANCE, it is very similar to BITFINEX. In terms of how it works, you will see that you have a wallet as well, you just click on the overview button of the wallet, you just click on deposit, and you can buy crypto with your credit card.

It's as simple as on BITFINEX. You buy crypto with your credit card. And then if you are going to go to finance. In the menu, you will see Binance Earn, you just click on Binance Earn, you are going to see that you have some type of earnings here. And if we are going to scroll down to fixed terms, you're going to see staking, and if we click on staking, we can see what we have for staking. We have more and here we can see all the offers that we have for staking, it's with a fixed term, I mean, you put your coin, your coins for example, near you put your coins in there, and you lock them for 40 days and the estimated annual earning interest is 10.79. Obviously, you will get probably 40 days, around 1%, almost 1%. So if you're going to have 100 near, you're going to have 101. Also, some platforms have compound interest rates, which means you can reach higher returns. They add the earnings every day and then they calculate the whole earnings. And if you scroll down, you can see all the staking offers that they have. So it's easy, as you can see, it's not complicated at all.

- Now another great platform that you can use, and we are going to finish with the staking it's BitMax. And if you're going to go on BitMax, again, similar, you can go to your asset, you just click on a deposit and you see what you can deposit here. Basically, to deposit on BitMax, you first have to buy from somewhere else. You cannot just pay with your payment card or something like that, you have to buy the crypto from somewhere else. Or just go to the flat payment. I mean, you don't have it directly in your wallet, you just go to the flat payment and you have a bank card payment. And you can use two providers. And basically from here you can make the switches. It will take a 2% fee rate and we just buy the coins that you want. And after that, because that's what we want to show you is the staking, BitMax offers a very good staking program. They have plenty of opportunities here as you can see Polkadot is better and if you scroll down, you can see other projects as well.

Can see they have many projects. And for some of them, it's very, very good staking rewards. Very good. So just check it out. BitMax, it's one of the best for staking rewards. So that's about all it's staking.

Progressive List Building Made Easy Personal Use Ebook With Audio & Video

Sample Content Preview

Chapter 1: What Is List Building All About?

Hey there everyone! Welcome to List Building, the most comprehensive and up-to-date email marketing and list building training you’ll find on the internet.

Here we’ll show you step by step how to maximize your subscriber count by implementing proven list building strategies into your email marketing mix.

Our goal is to help you optimize your email marketing efforts using strategies that don’t take forever, that don’t cost you a small fortune, that you can apply from the comfort of your home by yourself.

Before we get into the meat of this training, we’d like to start by discussing some of the basics. This will help you get a fresh perspective about the topic we’ll be working on!

What is List Building?

List building is the action of collecting email addresses to grow your mailing list. Simply put, it means to grow, or “build”, your business’ email contact list.

List building is an important aspect of your overall email marketing efforts, and it is all about using different types of lead generation strategies to attract qualified leads and to incentivize them to join your contact list.

How Does It Work?

List building works by using a wide variety of tactics and strategies to convince people to give you their email address.

Basically, it’s all about funneling online users to a lead capture page where you offer them an incentive to convince them to submit their email address.

This incentive can be anything of value to the user, such as an eBook download, a discount code, an invitation to an insider program, or an invitation to join a newsletter where you send content updates straight to the user’s email inbox.

The idea is to encourage the user to take action, to move from the consideration stage by entering their details and their email address.

Once they submit their email address, the user becomes an email lead, a truly valuable asset for your business because then you can start using email marketing strategies to further move that lead down your sales funnel.

Once you get a user in your mailing list, you can start sending them personalized content and offers that will make it even easier for you to convert them into a customer.

What’s more, once a user makes a purchase after joining your list, you can start sending them even more targeted offers based on their own purchase and other inbox behaviors. This means that the final goal of list building is to help you capture email leads that can convert into repeat customers down the line!
Why Should You Consider List Building For Your Business?

List building is a cornerstone marketing method that should be applied by any business that wants to truly grow beyond its existing client base. The top benefits of list building includes:

? List building provides your business with a wider outreach. Not only does it help you to expose your business to a worldwide audience, but also to save their email address to your business’ contact list, a key line of communication for driving sales.

? List building gives you a quicker, more efficient way to qualify your leads. This is because a person that willingly shares their email address with a business is interested in what it has to offer, and is open to make a purchase at some point.

? List building lets you create a buyer persona because it gives you a direct line of communication with a potential client, and you can use it to send personalized messages and to examine how each subscriber in your list responds to it.

This style of personalized communication makes it easy for you to create a client profile based on their preferences. This is turn will make it even easier for you to market your business by dividing your clients into segments within your list, to which you can send targeted emails with specific offers based on their buyer persona.

? It’s cost-effective because it helps you start and build a permanent marketing and communications channel with your clients that won’t cost you as much as advertising.

What’s The Future For List Building?

The future of list building is an exciting mix of automation and more dynamic email experiences. Right now there are companies developing solutions that will help you automate on-site conversations using chatbots that can walk website visitors through a series of steps that include joining email lists.

The increase in computer processing power and enhanced internet connectivity is making it possible for online marketing companies to create dynamic funnels that gamify the user experience so moving leads through a conversion funnel is fun and simple to achieve, reducing abandonment and increasing conversion rates.

So, are you ready to take your first step into this exciting journey? Yes? Then let us grab you by the hand so we can get started!

Chapter 2: Creating An Email Incentive

Hey there everyone! Welcome to lesson one of our list building training! Get ready to learn how to successfully grow your business’ contact list from scratch, step by step.

We are going to open the training by introducing you to email incentives, which are the basic starting point of a list building campaign. Then we’ll show you how to easily put one together, using tools and other stuff that you already have access to for free from your computer!

What’s An Email Incentive?

An email incentive is something that you can use to convince people to join your contact list. In other words, it is kind of a reward that you promise to a person in exchange for their email address.

More specifically, it can be anything that is of enough value to a potential lead that they would be willing to submit their email address into one of your sign-up forms so they can get it.

They’re commonly referred to as “lead magnets” precisely because they work as magnets to capture email leads.

You are already familiar with the drill: you do a search on Google to find information about a topic or product first. You find a relevant result, so you click on the URL to check the content. Once inside the content page, a pop-up appears offering you a free eBook, or promo code, or free trial, and you only have to enter your email address so you can access the offer.

Now the business or marketer running the website has your email address and it’s free to contact you with more content and offers. It all worked because you were willing to give your email address so you could get what they offered!

Email incentives are at the top of the conversion funnel, they’re designed to attract the visitor and to make them want more. As such, they’re not too elaborate, and they don’t give away a complete product or content piece.

That’s why they can be easy to create on your own, and in this lesson we are going to show you how to create an eBook that you can use as your incentive, real quick.

Creating Your Own Email Incentive

The easiest tool that you can use to create an attractive eBook is Microsoft Word, or any other similar text editor with the same basic features.

For this example we are going to use Word, so let’s start by opening a blank Word document. Next, let’s select a template to format the eBook. For this, you

simply have to click on the “insert” tab, and then on the “cover page” drop-down button.

This will show you a selection of cover page templates. We recommend you pick one that lets you to easily insert a cover image, the title of the eBook, and a brief summary. Like this one, for instance.

Wp Training Kit PLR Ebook With Audio & Video

Sample Content Preview

WordPress is an Open Source software system used by millions of people around the world to create beautiful websites and blogs. It is completely customizable by the use of themes and plugins.

Thanks to the great community of contributors and the constant development, WordPress has become a content management system that provides you with tons of features to build and manage your website.

You can use the application to build any type of website: from a small personal blog or business website to fully-featured eCommerce online store or gallery/portfolio website, the possibilities are endless. WordPress is the ideal solution to build your online presence, whether you are a newcomer or you already have some technical experience. As you have a great number of plugins to extend the functionality of your website, with no coding required you can create a professional website in just a few easy steps.

And that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this training guide. In this guide, we will provide you with detailed information and instructions on how you can use WordPress to build your own website with ease. We will cover different topics like WordPress installation, plugin and theme management, and usability. Also, you will learn how to extend the functionality of your WordPress website and provide your visitors with feature-rich experience.
So let’s get started…

WordPress is one of the most widely-used blogging platforms available. WordPress is a factory that makes webpages is a core analogy designed to clarify what WordPress is and does. It stores the content that allows you to create & publish webpages only requiring a domain and a hosting site to work. Let’s unveil it in detail… 2.1 What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), which is open source and was created to manage blogs. WordPress allows you to easily create and manage your blogs and websites content without coding and it can be used to create a fully operational website.

Today, WordPress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world being used by millions of websites. The best thing about WordPress is that it is an Open Source project which can be used by anyone over the web which means you can use it for anything be it your personal diary, your travel accounts or your views on any subject for that matter. WordPress is an excellent platform for building a variety of websites. Besides building a blogging site, WordPress can be used to build an e-commerce website, portfolio sites, business websites, new sites, and more. Famous WordPress websites include TechCrunch, Mashable, The New York Times’s blog, etc.

Some of the features offered by WordPress are private and password protected WordPress posts and pages, easy importing, WordPress installation and upgrades, a full WordPress theme and plugin system, multiple authors, spam protection and intelligent text formatting. So, ‘WordPress is only limited by your imagination’.

With its intuitive interface, ease of use and the great number of free and paid themes and plugins, WordPress is the preferred choice to build a professional website. All WordPress features are fully supported on all our WordPress hosting plans, so you can get started in no time and create your next successful online project. 2.2 What is Content Management System?

A content management system (CMS) is an application used to create and manage digital content. Content is what makes any organization stand out from the crowd, content must be regular and well organized in order to maintain any branding possible thus rather than doing it manually CMSes are used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM).

An ECM is used for the collaboration in any workplace by integrating document management, digital asset management and records retention functionalities, and providing end users with role-based access to the organization’s digital assets. While WCM facilitates collaborative authoring for websites. It is easy to say that WCM is a more public content management tool whereas the ECM is totally built for more confidential contents to be kept secured within the organization. 2.3 How does WordPress work?

WordPress, like any other WCM system, is dynamically driven through the use of a database with multiple tables storing all the content information and the information required to specify the website structure. You must have the ability to create and utilize a database to use WordPress.

After learning about WordPress the first thing that comes to our mind is that where to use it? What kind of website can I create using WordPress? So let’s move on to the section straight away.

When launched, WordPress was nothing but a typographic improvement, but as time passed and the community got stronger and WordPress was developed by contributors from all over the world, now WordPress is a robust system that can be used to create and manage any kind of website to keep it short. To showcase some examples let’s look into the various implementations of WordPress already developed.

• E-commerce Websites: WordPress is really great for E-Commerce websites because of its robust structure and ability to categorize contents. With the proper theme chosen to create an E-commerce website is considered to be one of the best options available.

• Educational/Library Websites: One of the most important features of WordPress is to manage and categorize documents or other assets, though not

self-sustaining WordPress is good enough to create and run a Library Website. Using DMS implementation as well as WordPress one can surely develop Library Websites.

• Personal Websites: Whether it’s a small website containing your portfolio or a daily blog. WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to showcase your talent as it has dedicated sections for the contents and overall easy experience.
2.4 Features of WordPress
WordPress is considered to be the most popular content management system due to its characteristics:

• The most important features of WordPress are that you can create a dynamic website without any programming and design knowledge

• WordPress is theme based which provides you options for various open source and premium design themes, which can be integrated easily without any designing knowledge

• Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress, which can be used to add new required modules

• WordPress sites are search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, it means sites built in WordPress can be easily optimized for search engine listings • WordPress is Multilingual, which allow users to translate content in their language

• WordPress has inbuilt Media Management System which is used to manage images, music, documents, etc. and can be used with text content 2.5 The Benefits of Using WordPress Here are just the top 5 benefits of using WordPress:

• The software is free! How many times have you been given something for free that is fully functional and ready to use? And if you want to upscale your site a little with premium themes and plugins, you’re still going to save tons of money over what you would pay for a custom designed site.

• It’s easy to use. Seriously. If you can send an email, use Microsoft Word, or set up a Facebook account, then you can use WordPress. In other words, if you’ve already used a computer, chances are you are already skilled enough for the WordPress basics. And even better, it’s hard to mess it up. You can easily add and delete pages and posts without accidentally messing up the overall design of your

• You are in control. Owning your own site, and being able to make changes to it yourself, is the ultimate in online freedom. You don’t have to rely on an expensive web designer to make changes or fix a tiny error for you whenever they can squeeze you in. You’re in control of your site—and your wallet.

• WordPress has a search engine (SEO) advantages. Search engines love sites that are easy to index (WordPress is) and that have frequently updated content. That’s where blogging comes in to play so nicely. Just by running your business or personal site and communicating with your readers in a way that’s natural to you, you’ll be producing fresh, relevant content the search engines can’t wait to get ahold of.

• There’s a HUGE support community. WordPress isn’t just software, it has become a community. Some might even say a movement. In fact, WordCamps (1-3 day training sessions) have sprung up from grassroots efforts. They are informal, community-organized events put together by other WordPress users just like you. You’ll meet people of all backgrounds, ages, and nationalities at WordCamps. Plus, there are thousands of people and hundreds of resource and tutorial sites set up just to help you with your WordPress site. 2.6 WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org The one major difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who’s actually hosting your website. With WordPress.org, YOU host your own blog or website.

WordPress.org is where you’ll find the free WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web server. Getting your WordPress site set up involves purchasing a domain name, buying a hosting plan and then installing WordPress on your server. Most hosting companies provide instructions or services to install WordPress for you.

The Climb PLR Ebook With Audio & Video

1 - The Ultimate Success Formula

In life, things that we do always have a model for us to follow. In maths and sciences, they are known as “formula”. We can apply those formula in questions and challenges that we are given by the teachers.

So, I’ve always been wondering, is there any formula for success? Can I just follow the pattern to achieve success? I never knew the answer is a “yes”. Not before I came across to this formula.

After studying and researching on successful people, I discovered that these successful individuals, who came from different sector, doing different kind of thing or even making different decisions if they were given the same situation, have something in common.

It doesn’t matter you want to be a successful sales person, an inspiring teacher, a top speaker, a New York Times Best-Selling author or even a billionaire. It’s still the same. All of these can be achieved if you take distinctive steps to get to what you want.

Follow the 6 steps. You’ll get anything you want. If you missed any of it, your dream is saying “bye bye” to you.

Step 1: Have a very specific goal

The very first step to get what you want is to know exactly what you want. Most people seems like they never achieved anything. It’s simply because they are clear of what they want.

Most people know that they want to be successful. But why are they still at the same place after a few years? They never make themselves clear of what they want in life. They never make it specific.

Everyone can say that they want to become successful. But what is the definition of your successful? You can say that you’re successful with an income of $20,000. You can also say that you’re successful with an income of $6,000.

You must be specific of what you want. Give it a figure. Instead of saying acing my exam, why don’t you say scoring 90+ for my exam. You see, it’s more specific. Scoring 80 is an A. Scoring 90 is an A too. But they are 2 different As.

You can actually see the difference. Being specific doesn’t just allow you to know what you want. You actually gain more energy to work towards it. To make it better, add a time span for it.

Let’s say your salary now is $3,500. You want to get pay $10,000 monthly. So by when you want to achieve it. Give it a time span. Let’s make it 6 months. So your goal is to get a pay of $10,000 in 6 months. Being specific in what you want can help you to move towards your goal. It can be a kind of motivation.

Very few successful experiences happen by chances… no matter a race or a position. Most of it happens by design. Successful people design what they want. The sad part is most people never design their life.

And that’s why, those who actually design theirs can be at the top of these people. They can get what they want. Those who never design their life often end up falling into someone else’s plan.

Only when we knew what we want specifically, we are then able to focus on our energy and talents. Focus like a laser beam honing on its target. And when we’re moving to the target, we develop the resources that we need.

Wherever you are in life right at this moment, you have to start to sat specific goals. Without specific goals, you’ll never achieve what you want. You find that you can’t move far from where you are now.

Step 2: Planning strategy

The second step in the ultimate success formula is to plan a strategy. The same thing. When you have a specific goal, you can plan your strategy easily.

Just say you’re an owner of a local coffee shop. You’re making a profit of $5,000 monthly. You’re thinking of expanding your business. You might want to increase your profit to $7,000 monthly in, let’s say, a year. What you’re going to do? Maybe you’ll work for more hour, work harder or maybe increase the variety of food you’re selling.

What if you want more? Let’s say making a profit of $2million monthly from your local coffee shop. Sounds unbelievable? It’s not achievable? True enough. Making $2million monthly from that local coffee shop is impossible if the owner is using the same strategy. What if the owner invests on share to build a larger modal? Or invest on R & D to develop a superior brand of coffee, support reliable new suppliers, build a franchise system and then license thousands of business owners around the world to sell his coffee.

Would it then be possible for you to make a profit of $2 million monthly? Of course you can! With flexible strategies, anything can be possible.

Step 3: Take consistent action

The third step is getting you to take action consistently. Taking action moves you towards your goal easier. Taking action is also what that separates the dreamers from the doers.

Many highly educated people often ended up working as professionals or consultants for successful entrepreneurs. Why? They have the knowledge. They know what to do. But they never do what they knew they should.

Do you know people who are less intelligent or less talented than you actually achieve more than you? This is because they tend to take more action than us. They work harder, that’s why they can achieve more. Why intelligent people fail to take consistent action towards their goals? Our emotional states are what that drives us to our action. We are always holding back by our emotions like fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. Emotions like motivation and enthusiasm will get us excite and make things happen.

Many people have bright ideas and they also have the intelligence to do it but they lack of personal mastery in emotional control. They can’t bring themselves to the state where they need to be in order to make things happen.

Step 4: Failure as Feedback

If you take action, there are no 2 possibilities. The first possibility is you achieve success by moving towards your goal.

Graphic Design Academy Personal Use Ebook With Audio & Video

Sample Content Preview

7 Ways To Make Money With Graphic Design

Starting a business with graphic design and working for different projects as a graphic designer or graphics creator can be one of the most lucrative online business models for many people.

The best part about it is that because of the techonology and software that we have nowdays you are not required anymore to be a skilled and talented artist in order to be able to create stunning graphics, especially for clients who need graphics for their marketing campaigns and businesses.

That is why, in this report, you are going to discover 7 easy ways that will help you to make money with graphic designs.

Now let’s see which are these 7 ways.

1. Become a Social Media Images Creator Businesses. This might be one of the easiest ways to start making money with graphics designs. There are plenty of businesses out there that don’t have the time or resources to handle their own social media activity or at least to create their own social media images. That is where you can come in and work for them based on a monthly fee. You can use Linkedin to find business owners, facebook groups or freelancing websites. My suggestion would be to do this for free for a couple of friends so you can make a portofolio and have what to show to your potential clients.

2. Create Custom Graphics For Clients From Fiverr. You can create a Fiverr profile and start selling your graphic design service there. As you probably know, fiverr is a markeplace for people who are selling there service from a price as low as 5$. One of the most popular niches on Fiverr is Graphic Design so the market and opportunity is HUGE.

There are people who are making 4 and 5 figures per month by selling on Fiverr and even if you are starting out with a service which costs only 5$ you can offer extra services to your clients for much more money. The only secret here is to manage to grow your Fiverr account and profile and in order to do that you need to get some initial tractions with some orders and reviews.

3. Work As A Freelancer. I think that most designers work as freelancers. The main characteristic of a freelancer is that he works on projects for different clients. It’s not like having a stable job or income but it gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how much you can earn and when and how much you want to work. The whole idea of starting out as a freelancer with graphic design is to get on all major freelancing platforms (freelancer.com, upwork.com,etc.), start with smaller prices, try to get some small projects through the platforms with the help of friends or your network so you can start to have activity there and than, as you start having activity and reviews you can increase your prices, charge more and earn more. Obviously you can’t go for projects which are to big or which require natural designer talent or skills as you will be using web apps and templates to create your designs. Try to find your niche and stick with it.

4. Create standard resources or packages and sell them on marketplaces like themeforest.net. Of course that this is not the easiest method if you are not a professional designer but still it can bring in some extra cash. Not everyone is selling premium wordrpress templates or business cards in psd format. You can have a look on the marketplaces and see what simple designes you can create and sell them there. A good example that I’ve seen on different platforms are Facebook Covers. Yes, you could think that people wouldn’t buy something like Facebook Covers but there are resources like that who have sold over 1300 copies at 2,5$ so far. So, it’s definiteley something worth checking out and testing.

5. Create Facebook Ads Images for clients. Most free design web apps like Canva, also have a huge library of templates for Facebook Ads Images. A lot of entrepreneurs and marketers don’t have the time to create their own images so in a lot of cases they outsource the image creation for 15$ to up to 35$ or even more. You can sell such a service on Fiverr or in other places like warriorforum.com. If you use a marketplace be sure to get those initial reviews so you can get a little bit of traction.