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The Definitive Guide To 200 A Day PLR Ebook

The Definitive Guide To 200 A Day PLR Ebook
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Although you will want to perform a lot more customization to your Wordpress website than you have up until this point, as I earlier suggested you should leave that until such time as you've gained a little experience adding content. As you proceed to ad articles, advertising, and develop the structure of your website, the kind of presentation and functionality you want will become clear to you. So now your job is to focus on content and content alone.

One of the reasons we've chosen to use Wordpress as your Content Management System is because Wordpress is extremely flexible. There is very little you can do with your website that you might later consider a monumental mistake. Wordpress as a management system allows you to manage your content in a variety of ways and that includes changing the structure of your website down the track. In other words, don't worry right now about making mistakes!

Of course every change you make takes time, so the more you get it right now the less time you'll have to spend later. For this reason I highly recommend taking a little time to forward plan the structure of your website. By that I mean how you will specifically create terms and categories in which you'll save the information you post to your website.

To understand this, go to your website right now and take a look at the menu. As you can see, next to the 'Home' button is 'A Parent Page'. When you hold your mouse cursor over it, you'll see a drop-­?down menu with 'First Child', 'Second Child' and so forth. Naturally this won't suit you and you'll want to change it straight away. You do this in your Wordpress Admin panel. Under the "Appearance" section click "Menus".

Again, this is not a Wordpress tutorial guide, but I want to give you quick tips on using the custom menu functions you find on the "Menus" page as a good understanding of using this will help you in setting up the structure of your site exactly how you want to from the get-go.