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The Ultimate Traffic Surge System Mrr Ebook

The Ultimate Traffic Surge System Mrr Ebook
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PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements are probably one of the better-known ways to advertise a website or a product. These advertisements are the ones that people see as results when they do a search using a search engine.

The name pretty much tells you how you are charged for these advertisements. You are charged each time someone clicks on your advertisement and visits your website.

There are a lot of different search engines on the Internet and all of them have PPC advertising available. Prices do vary somewhat. Google and Yahoo Search are the two biggest players.

Google is the best known and most used search engine on the Internet so that is the one that we will be using here as an example, however, all of the search engines are effective and none should be completely disregarded. Google's PPC program is called 'AdWords'.

It would be nice if we all had been born rich instead of so darn good looking, right? You could simply hire a professional to plan your PPC advertising campaign for you. Unfortunately, most of us are probably going to have to do this for ourselves… at least in the beginning.

The most important words in your Adwords advertisements are the keywords that relate to the topic of your website and to the products that you sell. You can find millions of words that have been written on the subject of key words.

The fact is this: keywords are the words that most people type into the search box of a search engine when they are looking for products, services or information.

They are really based on just plain old-fashioned common sense. There are variations of keywords, of course, and there are common misspellings of words that also constitute 'keywords'. But, if, for example, you are selling fish baits...then 'fish bait' is your main key word.

Variations of those words are keywords as well, such as bait for fish, deep sea fish bait, fresh water fish bait, fish 'bate'... and a good point to remember is that misspelled words are also keywords.