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7 Secrets To Achieving Personal Freedom MRR Ebook With Audio

7 Secrets To Achieving Personal Freedom MRR Ebook With Audio
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Everyone has the right to achieve personal freedom, but the sad truth is that not everyone is going to get it. In one form or another, we’re enslaved by our jobs, by our finances, by our health, by our family, and many other reasons.

We may not realize it, but the things we hold near and dear are often the factors that imprison us. It prevents us from doing what we want to do in our life.

But what exactly is personal freedom?

Many of you may say it’s the freedom to do whatever you want in life. Some may say it’s the freedom to eat ice cream in the middle of the night or whenever they want without getting judged by others.

Others may say it’s their financial independence – being wealthy enough to never have to go to work again.

Some may say it’s the freedom to come and go as they please without anyone stopping them.

You’re free to define your own definition of personal freedom. It’s personal after all. However, let me just be clear here: personal freedom still has boundaries.

You can’t go ‘borrowing’ someone else’s car without asking for permission first simply because you’re ‘free’ to do what you want. You’re not free to enter other people’s houses and take whatever you can get your hands on.

If that’s how you define personal freedom, then that’s not right. Imagine a world where we all go do as we please without regard to other people’s rights. That would be anarchy, plain and simple. There would be no law and order, just chaos and mayhem.

As civilized people, we observe human rights, and we respect freedom of speech. Just make sure you don’t go beyond your personal space. You need to recognize that you’re not always entitled to get what you think you deserve.

Personal freedom, in the context of this short report, is all about having the freedom to pursue your passion and living the life you’ve always dreamed of. All without infringing or stepping on other people’s rights.

It’s also important to mention here that being financially free is not necessary for someone to achieve personal freedom. You can be happy without being rich. Likewise, you can have all the money in the world but be neither happy nor free.

For instance, would you feel secure and happy if you know you’re earning your money through illegal means? I think not.

You’d most probably be paranoid, and you’d be looking over your shoulder all the time. In short, you won’t have the peace of mind necessary to achieve personal freedom.

With that said, here are the 7 secrets to achieving personal freedom:

Live with integrity

Knowing and doing what’s right are two different things.

At first glance, it may look like they’re referring to the same thing, but nothing can be further from the truth.

For instance, when people are faced with tough choices, they’d often choose something that will benefit them even though they know they’re doing the wrong thing. That’s not integrity.

When you have integrity, you always do what’s right whether someone’s looking at you or not. You strive to live your life according to your moral principles. You don’t let your actions be dictated by negative forces even though most people would be happy to.

To enjoy personal freedom, you need to have integrity.

Otherwise, you’re going to be living life on the edge – constantly afraid someone’s going to come and burst your bubble. Or that someone’s going to come and take away what you stole from them.

When you have integrity, you don’t become defensive when someone questions your decisions and your actions.

You don’t make excuses and point fingers when your shortcomings are exposed. You face everything head-on, and you remain honest even though you know it’s going to lead to negative consequences for you.

Your integrity is going to save you from a lot of headaches, you’ll sleep far better at night knowing you did the right thing and you didn’t step on anybody just to achieve your goals in life.

You’ve got nothing to hide, you’re literally an open book.

Your reputation is beyond reproach and others will view you as someone they can look up to. When you embrace honesty, you can live your life fully and freely.

Think positively at all times

Positive thinking is an important aspect of personal freedom. Without it, you’re never going to believe that you can, in fact, live freely. You’ll always be held back by your doubts. Your negative thoughts are going to consume you, and you’ll find it hard to get out of your comfort zone to go and chase after your dreams.

How can you be free if it’s you yourself holding you back? You’re never going to achieve greatness if you listen to all the naysayers out there. Your confidence will be shot, and you’re going to wallow in self-despair.

To break free from negative self-talk, you’re going to need help. Surround yourself with positive people and let them help you build your self-confidence. They’re going to cheer you up and encourage you to reach for your dreams.

They’re not going to give you a detailed list of why you’ll never succeed. If you don’t have any positive influencers in your life, you can read up on self-help books. Follow motivational and inspirational speakers. Let their wisdom guide you.

To become a positive thinker, you need positive influence. Seek that influence, and over time you’ll slowly improve the way you think.

When you start thinking positively, you’ll be optimistic, and you’ll then learn to envision a positive future where you have personal freedom.

Be happy for other people’s success

When you hear other people’s success stories, your initial reaction is probably one of envy or jealousy. Here you are working so hard to reach your goals, and you meet someone who’s a relative newcomer suddenly stealing the spotlight with his ‘overnight’ success.

We’ve all got different journeys ahead of us. We may be in the beginning stages, or the middle, or maybe even close to the end. We all didn’t start at the exact same time, so it’s futile to compare your growth to someone who’s been at it for the last 5 years. Or maybe you’re bootstrapping, and you’re comparing your progress to someone who’s had access to resources you didn’t have.

When you put things into perspective like this, you’ll feel a whole lot better. Sure, you may feel sorry for yourself, but don’t let it affect you for far too long. Remember to control your thoughts and always look for the positive side of things.

Jealousy and envy are not going to get you anywhere. It’s not going to bring you closer to achieving your goals. What you can do instead is learn from other people’s success.

Be genuinely happy for others’ success. Use it as inspiration to carve out your own path to success and ultimately, freedom. If they can do it, then so can you!

Always be grateful

One of the secrets to achieving personal freedom is gratefulness. You may not have much in the way of material possessions, but you’ve still got a lot to be thankful for.

You’ve got the gift of life, the gift of family and friends. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you don’t need money to feel free.

It’s all about your state of mind really.

When you’re grateful, you exude positivity. The people on the receiving end of your gratefulness will feel better about themselves, you’ll help boost their self-esteem.

You’re basically spreading positivity around you.

When you’re grateful, you don’t take things for granted. You live in the moment. You don’t look for what you don’t have and ignore what you do have.