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Are You Ready : Get Set, Lets Go MRR Ebook

Are You Ready : Get Set, Lets Go MRR Ebook
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When love ones don't argue.

Boy do I know this one. My in-laws would love me to get a JOB. They have not come right out and said it but you can tell by the questions I get when they call. And yes, they call all the time. So, they just can’t see any future, they don’t know where you are going. You see, they don’t understand it. They condescendingly believe that the only way to make it in life is to have a JOB. I was very lucky because my wife can see where we are going and gives me all the support I need. When my in-laws ask the big question how is your net business going. I just tell them the truth, its going as I thought it would be. I’m doing what it takes to make it.

Friends can be just as bad when it comes to your working an online business. You are going to hear all kinds of crap. They will tell you all about others or they couldn’t get it to work. I have some friends that I don’t talk about my business with. I know if I do what I am going to get back from them. We are still friends; we just don’t talk about this one subject. I have stopped trying to get my family and friends into any program I’m working. I know that they could use the money but they won’t do what it takes.

Most people need to see results now, if not sooner. They have learned this before they started school. You get a JOB and in 1 or 2 weeks you get your pay and the pay is for the most part the same each time. In network marketing your pay will come in slow at first and often at different amounts. In fact you may work for a month or two before you see your first payment. Sorry but that is the truth.

Here is what’s going to happen in the next 2 to 3 years with me. My family and friends are going to see that I’m making a lot of money and then they will want to get in. Here is the problem, they want to get it where I am and not where I started. I’m going to be sorry to have to tell them that they are going to have to start where I did. Now, I will be able to help them with some short cuts but they are going to have to put the time and work into it just like I did. I bet they still won’t do it. They can see the money but that’s all they see.

If you want to learn how to deal with this then you will check into one of Jerry Clarks CD sets that talks about: Murphy's Committee. You all know about Murphy’s Law. Jerry says that there is more than one of them out to get you, so he calls them Murphy’s Committee. Check out Jerry site, its call Club Rhino and visit Jerry Clark and look under the CD products and you can get a single CD or you can get one of the big CD sets. You will not be disappointed.

Can you sacrifice your crutch for a day?

I love it when people tell me they just don’t have five dollars to put into a program to promote their business. The same people will go to the store and spend $20 on lotto tickets. If you smoke or drink would you give it up for a day if you needed to get something for your business? For me it was giving up a fast food meal for two or three days to have the money to join a program. I want it bad enough to give it up for a day.

Are you willing to do what it takes? Will you cut your household costs to have the money to work your online business? Are you willing to do what it takes? I used to hate it when someone in line at the store had a bunch of coupons. But that is me now; we saved over $40 last week alone. That is $40 I now have to use for promoting my business. I walk to the story most of the time, it gets me out of the house and it is good for me. We are cutting our costs anyway we can. We began trying some of the house brands. We found on some things you can’t tell the difference. While with other’s you can only trust the name brand.

We now buy two copies of the Sunday paper to have more coupons. I can’t believe the amount of money we are saving. Let me tell you what my wife did this week. Store “A” has a sale on product “X” and there is another store we’ll call “B”. Store “B” does price matching, but store “A” won’t take any coupons but theirs. So here is what we did. We take the ad from store “A” to store “B” where they price match and take any coupon. The result is we get the product for free. Now that’s working the system.

Do you know why companies do rebates? Most people just don’t do it. They buy the product because of the rebate then fail to send the data to get their money back. It does take some time to get your rebate. Again people demonstrate their level of patience. I have gotten checks 6 months after I have sent in the rebate. In fact I have forgotten all about it. It’s always a great day when you get a check in the mail.

Here are some great ways to cut your costs: Online shopping is getting bigger and bigger. Check out MyPowerMall. When you shop you get a percentage back. In fact what some people are doing is, they know what they are going to spend let’s say $100. So they go to their MyPowerMall and by a gift card for a $100, now they get back a rebate and still had the same amount of money to spend at the story.