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Building Your Opt In List Mrr Ebook

Building Your Opt In List Mrr Ebook
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When you mention the words, ‘joint venture’, to an Internet marketer, their eyes sparkle and they begin to drool. Even brand new Internet marketers know that a joint venture with top Internet marketers is the shortest route to building a successful Internet business. Joint ventures are what Internet marketers dream about.

Yes, it is true that a successful joint venture can make a new Internet marketer a lot of money but sometimes that part of a joint venture needs to be put on a back burner and he needs to think about list building rather that income building first.

There are those who will advise you to structure your joint venture agreement in two tiers. That is; structure it so that the product being sold (an e-book) can be rebranded and you make a profit off of the second tier of the agreement. That is dangerously close to a pyramid scheme and not advised in most circumstances. You can get yourself into a lot of trouble using anything that resembles this, and Paypal, for example, freezes accounts that they suspect are multi-tiered, since that’s specifically against their terms and conditions.

It is a better idea to just mark a joint venture for the purpose of list building down to the cost of doing business on the Internet and forget about making a monetary profit on it.

Use a product that you have such as an e-book and let your joint venture partners take 100% of the profit. That’s right...100%. It’s no different than submitting an ebook to an ebook bank for republication. You don’t make any money on that either.

This e-book will, however, need to be well worth the price that your joint venture partners will charge for it. Don’t expect people with strong lists to promote an e-book for you if it’s filled with fluff and doesn’t really help anyone – be sure it’s full of strong, useful content. Also remember this is your first exposure to most of the readers, and the opinion they form of you will be largely based on the content of that e-book. You’re trying to impress them enough to get them on your list, remember?

This is a list building exercise that can put hundreds of names and email addresses on your opt-in list in a very short period of time. Your agreement needs to be structured so that each sale is made through an opt-in page where you collect names and e-mail addresses, or where the person must fill in their name and e-mail to get the download.

This list of names and email addresses can be the most valuable ones you ever collect because they are the names and addresses of people who have already purchased YOUR product.