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Create Freedom PLR Ebook

Create Freedom PLR Ebook
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It?s normal to get caught up in the frenzy of day-to-day life and forget all the dreams and hopes you once had. You go through the daily motions by rote as though you?re a robot.

You wake up, get dressed, prepare breakfast, send the kids off to school, go to work, come back home, play with the kids for a bit, have dinner, sleep.

Is that your life in a nutshell? Don?t you just get bored with it all?

Was there ever a time when you felt happy and free? Perhaps, when you were younger, when you didn?t have a ton of responsibility on your shoulders?

Wouldn?t you like to go back to that and just be happy again? You know, spend more time with your family and do stuff together?

While it may seem extremely difficult right now or maybe even impossible, depending on where you are at right now, know that freedom is within your reach.

Sure, it may take years and years, but if you plan your „escape? properly, you can certainly make it.

In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know so you can choose your own path, and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Chapter 1 - Acknowledging Your Cage

“The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage.” - Thucydides

Most of you reading this guide are probably living free lives. You?re not trapped in a physical cage or prison cell. But if you feel constricted, if you feel like the walls are closing in around you and you can?t breathe, then you?re most likely trapped in a mental cage or mental prison.

Your mental cage is exactly what the label says - it’s all in your mind. Your mind is trapping your thoughts and your physical body from within. It?s literally poisoning you from the inside out.

The truth is, even if you live in a real cage, you can still be happy and free. How? By breaking away from the stifling confines of your mind, of negativity, of various stressors in your life.

Unlocking your cage

The first thing you need to do to achieve freedom is to unlock your cage.

But this is much harder than it sounds.

First of all, do you even know where the key is?

You can try looking for it in your surroundings, in your relationships, in your place of work, everywhere really, but you?re not going to find it there.

Instead, you need to look deep within you. YOU hold the key to your freedom.

You can walk out of your cage anytime you want to, but for some reason, which only you know of, you?re unwilling or unable to. You?re trapping yourself inside.

Is it because you feel safer there? Do you think the big bad wolves or the harsh reality of life is going to come get you the moment you step out of your cage?

Getting out of your self-imposed prison requires courage. Tons of courage. This is because breaking free of a mental cage isn?t exactly as clear-cut as trying to escape from a physical cage, where you can visually identify exit points.

With a physical cage, you can easily spot where the door, window, or any other weak points are, so you can break it down and be on the road to freedom. With a mental cage, on the other hand, you wouldn?t even know where to begin!

What you need to unlock

Getting out of your self-imposed prison is very much possible. Don?t let anyone tell you otherwise. Here?s what you need to free yourself from your cage:


If you truly want to get out of your cage, then you need to be committed to getting out. If you don?t commit or stick to your plans, then you?ll just be going back to your cage. You?ll be imprisoning yourself again. And you?ll be back to square one.

You?ve identified your purpose – a life of freedom. You can?t ever achieve it if you don?t commit and act towards achieving your ultimate goal It?s so easy to fall back on old habits. One simple mistake can cause all your hard work to come tumbling down, and you?ll be back to where you started. And it?s oh so easy to say “I quit” the moment obstacles start blocking your path.