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Doomscrolling Breakthrough PLR Ebook

Doomscrolling Breakthrough PLR Ebook
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Do you have a doomscrolling habit? Are you constantly checking your social media accounts for the latest bad news and doom and gloom? Doomscrolling is a relatively new term used to describe a negative habit that has intensified with the introduction of smartphones and social media.

People are spending a lot of time each day reading about the latest spread of Covid-19, the state of the economy in their country, natural disasters, global warming, the threat of wars, murders and other crimes and more.

There are so many things that can provide you with a negative experience these days. Every day in the news there are reports of the latest classroom shootings in the United States and the seemingly uncontrollable spread of Covid-19 and its variants. If you want to put yourself in a negative state of mind then there is plenty of information available for you to do this.

The reporting of bad news is not a not thing of course. Before the Internet and social media there was bad news being reported on the television news and in newspapers (this is still going on today). Constantly reading and listening to these bad news reports is not good for your mental health. But it is a habit that you can break.
In this special report we will take a deep dive into doomscrolling (sometimes called “doomsurfing”) and how it can negatively impact your state of mind. Then we will reveal what you can do to overcome this negative habit and replace it with empowering habits. These empowering habits will transform your life for the better. OK, let’s get on with it shall we? In the next section we will reveal what doomscrolling really is.

What Doomscrolling Really Is

The best definition of doomscrolling in our opinion is “obsessively looking for and absorbing bad news”. A person that has the doomscrolling habit will continue to do this even though they know it causes anxiety within them.

Doomscrolling is a habit that you have probably been strengthening for years. You know it makes you feel bad but you cannot stop doing it. Every day you need your fix of bad news and you will always take action to get it.

It is believed that the term “doomscrolling” originated on the Twitter platform. Everyone is susceptible to this destructive habit due to the way that our brains are wired. Psychologists know that are brains will instinctively focus on any situation that we perceive to be dangerous. This is part of our survival instinct.

We are Programmed for Survival

You probably don’t realize this but your brain is continually scanning everything around you to detect any potential dangers. In terms of priority, threats to your survival are at the top of the list and your brain sees this as more important than anything else.

Of course, this is a good thing because we all want to survive. But the problem is that the vast majority of the time we are not in any danger but
our brains will always make us focus more on negative stories than positive ones.

We are always looking for more answers when it comes to our safety and security. If we cannot find the answers that we need, or there is conflicting information, we have to find better answers and so we continue to look for bad news.

Before long you find yourself scrolling through your social media accounts looking for any kind of bad news. You have entered into a negativity cycle and this is affecting your happiness. Are there people in your life that always seem to be negative? Of course, there are – they are everywhere and doomscrolling can be partly or totally to blame.

Our ancient ancestors were always on the lookout for bad news. They wanted to know if predators were near which would be a major threat to them. This information was more important to them than sources of food or fresh water.

Don’t Feel Bad about being a Doomscroller

If you participate in doomscrolling regularly then we do not want you to feel bad about this. Most people do it these days. All humans are curious and crave new information. This information is very important to us if it can keep us out of danger and boost our chances of survival.

But you need to be aware that not only can obsessive doomscrolling put you in a negative state of mind, it is also likely to steal your precious time. Are you finding it tough to get everything done because you are obsessed with finding the latest bad news? Wouldn’t it be better to free up the time you spend doomscrolling and use this for something positive?