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Easy Riding : The All-In-One Car Guide Resale Rights Ebook

Easy Riding : The All-In-One Car Guide Resale Rights Ebook
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You had always dreamt of owning your own car and moving around the town in style! But at the moment you are short on finances to buy a brand new car. So the next best alternative that comes to your mind is purchasing a second-hand car or the so-called 'used car'.

However before buying a used car you have to carefully analyze a few aspects that will assure you a complete hassle-free driving experience in the near future. A brand new car comes with a warranty tag along with the satisfaction that it has been unscathed and untouched by any reckless driver before. But when you are buying a used car you are at risk! Well you don't have to lose hope. If you can devote some of your precious time in a bit of careful research and analysis regarding how and where to buy reliable used cars at a fair price, you will surely reap great benefits in the long run.

Here are a few important things that you should keep in mind before buying a used car from a car dealer or an individual: First and foremost you have to chalk out your budget. You've got to decide as to how much you can shell out to purchase the car and maintain it in the long run. So you have to take into consideration various factors such as car insurance, operation and repair costs, etc. You also have to analyze the utility of your car, that is, the car will be utilized for what purpose.

You will then have to select a car that appeals to you to the max! There are innumerable selections of used cars that are put up on sale all the time. The car dealers always try and exaggerate various aspects/features of different cars and you can get confused. You can talk to friends and relatives who are using the same car that you are eager to purchase. Ask them about the performance, mileage, repair records, safety, etc. of the car so that you can gain some knowledge prior to buying it.

Another important aspect is that you must always equip yourself with a car inspection checklist. The checklist will point out as to what are the specific areas of the car whether the interiors/exteriors that you have to minutely check before purchasing the used car.

You've got to check the exterior of the old vehicle carefully, include checking over any kind of structural rust/corrosion especially in the regions of seat-belt anchorages, door locks/hinges, suspension mounting points, etc., checking over the tires, shocks, panels, and the exhaust system. Painting anomalies also need to be minutely examined that are mostly used to camouflage rust and recent repairs.

Then moving on into the inspection of the car interiors you must carefully check the entire dashboard, the housing the switches, knobs, radio, levers and wirings; seats with safety belts whose retractors and buckles are in a working condition; brake pedals and the clutch; signs of water leakage on seats and underneath carpets. Do not forget to check underneath the hood checking over the condition of the engine, engine oil, and radiator leaks and coolant stains.

It is best if you can take a certified car mechanic or a car expert who will accompany you while you test drive the used vehicle. While test-driving at both low and high speeds examine the performance of the engine, gears, brakes, analyze the power of the engine, emissions etc. Try and stretch the duration of your test-drive as long as you are not completely satisfied.

All the paperwork including all legalities and documentation with respect to purchasing a used car must be totally clarified to avoid any kind of anxiety or tension. So if you are buying the car from a dealer make sure that the dealer is genuine. Registered/licensed car dealers usually check over all the details regarding the car's previous ownership and documents that includes registration details, tax details, insurance policies applicable, invoice, warranties, car manuals, etc.

If you are buying the car off your friend or any relative make sure that you follow the change of ownership procedures in totality. Check out if you are running into a stolen car or a car attached with undischarged debts.