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Farout Fashion Give Away Rights Ebook

Farout Fashion Give Away Rights Ebook
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Chapter 5: American Goth


American goth style or mostly renowned as goth alone is a fad fashion style that is stereotyped as eerie, dark, exotic, mysterious and complex. Today, people having this sense of fashion style are known as emo. This is because of the resemblances on the style of clothing as well as the choices of dark colors.

This fashion style is confused into different types of fad fashions mainly because of the style of clothing and also the choice of colors. Though there are mixed concepts about the style, it is generally characterized as the fashion style that is worn by people in the goth subculture.

All about Goth

Members of the goth subculture wear dresses in morbid fashion style. When this style is talked about, it would commonly be associated with people having pale complexion wearing black clothes and paired with black dyed hair, black lips and black nails. It is a fashion style that both genders wear. They usually complete the look with wearing dark eyeliner that can either define their eyes or have a smudge to enhance the gothic look.

Experts say that this type of fashion originated from the Victorian style of mourning. It is also recognized mainly for the stark black clothing. American goth would usually be described for its distinct type of clothing with the profusion of black lace, velvets, fishnets and also leather that are tinged with purple or scarlet. This is sometimes accessorized with gloves, corsets that are tightly laced, precarious stilettos and is completed with silver jewelry that may depict occult or religious themes.

One of the recognized icons that is worn in this kind of fashion style is Theda Bara who was known as the femme fatale in the 1910s that is well recognized for wearing dark eyeshadow. Other style icons that are widely recognized for this fashion style are Robert Smith, Lux Interior, Musidora, Bettie Page, Morticia Addams, David Bowie, Nico and Dave Vanian.


There are a few variations that are known for this type of fashion style. Haute Goth

This is a variation of the American goth brought by various designers in the 21st century in the runway. Some of the designers that are known for bringing elements of the style to the runway are Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester.

Under this variety of gothic style, many famous clothes and aesthetic designers and artists have included it in their line.

Gothic Lolita or Gothloli

This is the variety where gothic fashion is combined with Lolita fashions. This type of fashion is distinguished by the combination of darker clothing and makeup. Some would wear red lipstick along with neatly defined or smoky eyes. Since the Lolita fashion would usually show a natural look, putting up with the white powdered face is recognized as a poor taste in the fashion scene under Lolita.

Elegant Gothic Lolita or EDL

This variety has its masculine equivalent called EGA or the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. This is the substyle of gothic Lolita as well as the aristocrat fashion.

The American gothic itself is distinct among other fashion styles that can be easily distinguished.

Chapter 6: Outrageous Hairdos

Outrageous fashion styles do not only cover what a person wears or what accessories a person puts on. An outfit is not complete without pulling off a matching hairdo with the style of your choice. When you want to standout, it is a must that you match your outfit with the perfect hairdo that will help your overall look stand out.

Through the years, various hairstylists have introduced different kinds of styles that have popularized across the world. Some are simple and some are too outrageous to be worn every day. There are people who say that aside from what they wear, styling their hair is also one of their ways of expressing themselves. They try different haircuts or just style their hair as uniquely as they can and match it with whatever they wear.

Varieties of Outrageous Hairdos


This is a big hairstyle that is featured heavily in the afro-American culture and was very popular in the 70s. It is one of the styles that have been used by many African-American artists both in the music and film scenes.


Who would have thought that a beehive hairdo can be done with one’s own hair? This hairdo is done with raising the hair on top of your head with teasing or padding to get the shape and size of a beehive, hence where the name was derived.

Bob Cut

Considered as a classic hairstyle, the bob cut is where the hair is cut just around the level of the jaw and is usually aligned closely with the facial area.


Have you seen the hairstyle in the 80s or 90s where the hair is given its smoothness and is heightened by padding or teasing to give your hair its extra fullness? This is called bouffant style.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut’s name derived from the style of cutting the hair with a bowl placed on the head and all the exposed hair is trimmed off. It was a popular hairstyle in the late 80s and early 90s for both children and adults.


This hairstyle is also known by the names plaits and tresses. It is a type of hairdo that is worn mostly by women that have long hair. Through the years, this type of hairstyle has evolved wherein hairstylists were able to create new braid styles like fishtail, cornrows, Dutch braid, crown braid and pigtails.


This is a traditional haircut in Japan.

Cropped Hair

This is a short hairstyle that is really close to the head with some of the hair left in a certain length that either goes past or touches the fringe. It is common style for women.


With this hair style, the back and sides are kept short and the front part is usually left to grow long and is combed forward.


This is a style where the hair will be “dreadlocked” into separate sections using methods such as hand rolling, braiding, backcombing or just letting the hair “lock” naturally on its own. This specific style may vary in its tidiness, size and its length and is associated with Rastafarians.


This is also recognized as the “Princess Leia hairstyle” during the fame of Star Wars. It is a complex hairstyle that consists of 2 buns on each side of the head and 2 braids wound down around the back of the head.