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Google Adwords Primer MRR Ebook

Google Adwords Primer MRR Ebook
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Google AdWords campaign has three levels: campaign, AdWords, and advertisements. You can choose the suitable AdWords. You can select, delete unwanted or underperforming advertisements, create more advertisements, change wordings of your advertisements, and introduce many improvisations in your advertisements and their presentation.

There is no limit to the number of changes and adjustments in your advertisements. You can keep doing so until you achieve the optimum rate of return from your advertisement. Therefore, an efficient structuring of your AdWords campaign from the beginning can prove helpful.

This requires a thorough understanding of your product and effect of AdWords and keywords on your advertisements. Rather, you should know how the keywords link to your product. This can help deliver good results in terms of traffic and resultant increase in sales of your product.

Locate all types of keywords suitable for your product and thereafter categorize them into specific groups like competitive keywords, targeted keywords, not competitive keywords, misspelled keywords, plural keywords and so on.

Create specific and separate advertisements according to the different advertisement groups. This helps in easy identification of the results produced by each group. Make slight variations in the advertisements of each individual group and notice their effect on your traffic.

If you find any particular group not performing well enough, you can delete the particular group. You can alternatively create a new ad group. This helps in trying the effectiveness of your ad group without having to keep changing the keywords to get suitable traffic. Flexibility of the keyword and groups is high.

Google provides all types of pricing options and service levels to suit different categories of budgets and strategies. You can also create hybrid campaigns to suit your marketing approaches and ensure maximum benefits for your product. Your main aim is to increase the traffic at your web site to increase total sales and profits.

Google AdWords has a price structure that bills you only if any client clicks on your advertisement. You do not have to pay Google anything for presenting and displaying your advertisement on the site. Ideally, you pay for the results.