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How To Win Friends And Influence Others Give Away Rights Ebook

How To Win Friends And Influence Others Give Away Rights Ebook
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Why You Need Friends

There are people who think whether they really need all the friends they have. These are usually the people who have a lot of friends and feel that they need to be left alone sometimes. Or, they are introverts—people who do not like to mingle with other people much. But, is that really a good idea? Why do we need friends after all?

Since this eBook is about how you can win friends and influence people, it is a good idea to answer this... why does one need friends anyway? Why should we put in the effort to make friends and then make more effort to retain them? There are people who think in a businesslike manner about this. If they invest in making and retaining friends, what are they getting at the end of the day? Are the returns commensurate with the ‘investment’?

Let us simply look at the ways in which friends are useful to us.

Friends Are Our Emotional Support and Anchor

One of the greatest reasons why we want friends is because they support us emotionally. Outside our family, who do we go to if we are exceptionally happy or exceptionally sad? Whom do we want to tell if we are angry about something? Whom do we like to share our secrets with? It is with our friends. If you have friends, you will realize how important they are to your life.

Our friends know what we want; especially the ones who have spent a long time with us know exactly what reactions a particular thing can evoke in us. It is because of this reason that they can comfort us when we are despondent and celebrate with us when we are happy. They know what can cheer us up when we are feeling low and what can make us miserable.

We need that kind of support. We cannot live a lonely life. You may have understood that already if you have had to live alone somewhere in a new place. Or, if you have ever relocated, you will have felt what I am talking about. Despite of the fact that there are several people with us wherever we go, having just one friend can make things so much more easier.

Friends Are Our Company

We are social beings and for that reason we need to be with people all the time. However, strangers won’t do. We eventually try to make friends with strangers too—and that is the point of this eBook—but the truth is that if we have an already existing friend to help us through, it can make a lot of difference.

We need friends for being with us during all kinds of occasions. Even if it is a small thing, like company for going to a movie, we want our friends. If you are feeling lonely, what do you do? You simply call some friend up and hang out with them. This is how we are made. We feel comfortable with the people we have spent time with. This ties in with something I said earlier. we form habits in people. When we are with our friends, who have been with us for a long time, we have definitely formed some habits in them. They have formed some habits in us too. It is because of this reason that we like being with them. We feel comfortable and at ease when we are with our friends.

Friends Give Us Courage

A major part of our courage in life comes from the friends we have. Our friends are great people; they know us precisely well and for that reason they know how to encourage us.

True friends will stay with us through whatever we do. They will give us their support and help us by their physical contribution as well.

But, most importantly, by just being there they give us a lot of courage. We feel motivated to go on. When we are alone, it becomes very difficult to achieve things. But, with someone loyal to support us, things become very different. We are able to elevate our potential and reach greater heights of glory, just because someone was with us.

Most people who have become successful in life today have become so because they had people to support them already, or they influenced people enough so that they could support them in their efforts. In effect, these people already had good friends, or they made friends on the way. But, whichever way they went about it, the gist was that they needed to have friends. They understood the importance of having friends and stuck with them through.

Their friends proved to be a major contributor in their success.

Friends Help Us to Discover Ourselves

Outside the family, friends are the only people whom we can open out to. We do not mind speaking out our innermost thoughts to our friends. We tell them what irks us; we tell them what makes us happy. If there is something that has not gone down well with us, we can tell them. We can tell them of our lean times and our best times.

It is when we share so many things about us with our friends that we truly start to discover ourselves. When we are telling our friends things, subconsciously, these things are also playing in our minds. We are reinforcing our likes and dislikes, the lessons we have learnt, the emotions we feel, etc. We are telling us what we are like. By simply exchanging our thoughts with our friends, we get to know ourselves in a better way.

And that is how friends can help us in rediscovering ourselves. This gives us a powerful sense of self-expectancy and self-sufficiency. We know what we are about and we can play to our strengths. That is why, just by being with our friends and exchanging things with them, we can go a long way in our lives.

These are just a few of the most important reasons why we need friends. Speaking from experience, everyone has their own reasons for having friends. You will have your own reasons as well. Also, we have different reasons for needing friends at different stages of our life.