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Inspiration, Ignition, And Integration Give Away Rights Ebook

Inspiration, Ignition, And Integration Give Away Rights Ebook
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Integration of the minds or more predominantly known as ‘concensus ad idem’ is the meeting of the minds or coming to an understanding. On the event of such understanding, there comes a sense of belonging and in turn inspires the people to work together as a team. Individually when everything is under your control, you think you can do anything and everything under the sun. Independent people love themselves so much that they do not see how much they affect the people around them. This does not mean that being independent is a crime. The fine line between independence and arrogance is the differential factor in such cases. Teamwork or integration of the mind really tests a person. A person who works well in a team is a person who sure for his thoughts as well as appreciates the thoughts of his peers. To succeed in the current tech-savvy world, team work takes top priority. This brings us to the next concept of integration called integration of people.

In a dictionary, integration is defined as the inter-linking or mixing of people with one and other. This can be taken in the literal sense. When there is an understanding of the minds, the sense of belonging will bring people together. This sort of integration causes them to inspire for betterment together as a team. This in turn causes ignition of ideas and all in all there is an increase in overall performance. Integration of people maybe even at the self help group levels. Self help groups consist of mainly people with similar problems and therefore this brings them together. It gives them an opportunity to learn from one and other and inspire each other to get better. However, integration of people doesn’t end there.

When you achieve the two wheels of integration (of mind and of people), you develop a support system. People who know you very well don’t really give you much room to think of your own progress. They often try to force betterment out of you. When there is a self help group full of people who have no idea of who you were, it gives you the chance to be someone new, to be someone you would want to be without much judgment. This is what is referred to as a support system. Support systems are similar to an external hard disk. When your inbuilt memory isn’t enough, you look for an external hard disk for your computer. Similarly, a support system functions as a source of back up. They know how you exactly feel because they have been there too. They will ensure that if you fall, they are there to catch you. This helps a person to keep his hope alive and in turn motivates him to keep trying to succeed.

The third wheel of integration is the integration of concepts. This is a scenario that arises in the advanced levels of self development. Once you are ready and satisfied with your progress and you think you have good support system, integration of concepts becomes important. The concepts of inspiration, ignition and determination are the detrimental parts of one’s path to true self development. Without inspiration, there can be no determination to do something and without determination there is no opportunity to ignite. These inter linked concepts are what makes us truly achieve self development.

To stage a Shakespearean play, a stage director has to work with a team of the best actors and ensure that his plans and forms of execution are well understood. This is because the level of difficulty of a Shakespeare script is very advanced. In reality, once you feel you have attained self development, Life is not going to get any easier. Team work will take you far, it will enhance your chances of survival in the field but your progress is completely in your hands. When do you stop this ‘development’ I keep talking about? Frankly, self development is never ending. You develop on a daily basis. You try to change yourself for every alternate person who finds fault with you. When do you achieve a point when you don’t need to change any more?

True self development is not about being accepted but is all about accepting yourself. You must first live up to your very own expectations before thinking about another point of view. When self development extends to levels where your own passion inspires others around you, it is known as Personal Development. This sort of development goes over and beyond self help. It inspires and ignites the same kind of grit and passion to succeed amongst one’s peers. Inspiration ignition is a very important criterion to be considered these days. A person who inspires has more value than a person who can memorize the text book.