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Internet Basics 101 In 10 Easy Steps Mrr Ebook

Internet Basics 101 In 10 Easy Steps Mrr Ebook
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Everything is now basically in place to start creating your website.

The first thing you need to decide on is how many pages you are going to need, and what purpose each of them will fulfill. Once again, this comes back to what our site is designed to do, as this purpose will define what pages you need to include.

Let us return to DogCityTraining.com, and imagine that the site I am going to create is going to start off doing two things.

It is going to sell real world dog training supplies, but I am going to do this through a marketing methodology known as affiliate marketing. I am going to find a company on the net that is selling a suitable range of products, and sign up with them as an affiliated sales person. I will promote their products on my site at my own expense, but every time a sale is generated from my site, I will be paid a percentage of the sales revenue as a commission.

I will specifically look for a company that has already created some great advertising materials and use them on my site to promote their products, so I do not need to build a specific sales page for this product range.

However, I need somewhere that these advertising materials can be placed. Possibly the best solution would be to feature pages with interesting dog training related articles to which the ads could be attached. I will therefore need to build some article pages for my site.

Moving on to the second thing that I am going to sell, which is a book about dog training that I have written which I am going to send to customers as an instant digital download, a different approach entirely is needed.

Because this is my own product with no pre-prepared advertising or promotional materials available from anyone else, I need to create a specific sales page to promote the product. I also need a page from which the product can be downloaded.

Some method of accepting online payments direct from my sales page is necessary, ideally for a payment processing system that automatically completes the payment transaction and delivers the product to the customer.

I mentioned when talking about autoresponder accounts that collecting the names and e-mail addresses of visitors to your site is a vitally important part of your long term business building strategy.

This equally applies to DogCityTraining, so I need to include a page on my site that is specifically designed to do nothing but collect those details from as many visitors as possible.

From all of the above, it is very easy to appreciate just how important it is to have a structured site plan in place beforehand, so that you know exactly what pages you need to create before you begin building your site.

Just going into this with the vague notion of 'building a website' is never really going to cut the mustard!