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Its A Mac MRR Ebook

Its A Mac MRR Ebook
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Chapter 6: Using Mac at work

Mac is a rather popular tool to be used within the work environment as it creates a conducive work platform that help to increase productivity levels without the addition of aggravation and stress.

The simple explanation of being able to get more things done without the intrusions of viruses, spam, crashes and constant need for support, reboots, upgrades, defrags and maintenance are probably the most alluring elements to choose to use Mac.

One of the reasons why Mac has become an increasingly popular choice for work is the element of speed it possesses. A lot more work is done right from the startup mode as there is very little need to wait around for all the relevant applications to be booted and ready for application use.

This is very beneficial to the user who is often pressed for time and unable to wait around for the applications to synchronize and crate the necessary avenues for the work process needed at the time. Another feature is the Mac is able to function almost upon opening the iBook and this is far from possible with other platforms and tools where waiting for all the various downloads is essential.

There is also the easy color calibration and has cause quite a stir when it comes to eye catching displays. This causes everything to look great

and almost lifelike and this is even more beneficial for those engaging in Photoshop exercises.

Getting a wireless connection easily is also another attractive reason why Mac is so popular for work. It would seem that the configuration is not really needed as the Mac is always ready to be logged on anywhere and anytime. These connections with the internet are made easily and instantaneously, and without all the time consuming need for configurations to be incorporated or updated periodically.

Chapter 7: How to print & fax using Mac

Though considered a rather old method of getting information to another corresponding party, these actions are still carried out a lot of the time everywhere around the world. Thus the need to explore the possibility of having this particular formats available by using Mac.

Some would consider faxing a rather tedious task which is slow and provides lower quality exchange mode of information, but it is possible to be able to do so with the use of the Mac.

The Mac OS X makes this process easy to and receiving and sending of faxes from anywhere is possible with the simple use of the Mac with a modem connected to a telephone line suing a standard phone cord.

Once the proper configurations in come the Mac can receive taxes unattended and this can be done even when the system in not logged in at the time.

All that needs to be done would be to ensure the Mac is turned on, awake and connected to the phone line that isn’t linked to be used for voice or data call. There are some steps that should be executed in order to be able to receive the faxes without any glitch.

When it comes to printing, there may not be a need to install further printer software even if it is included in the printer’s makeup. This is due to the fact that many printers allow the recognition process when linked to the Mac OS X without any supporting applications needed.

The user would need to connect the USB port or FireWire port using the appropriate cable. The user would also have to ensure the documentation that came with the printer is in place and in the turned on mode, if this is not in place the user may have to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s site.

Chapter 8: Managing music with iTunes

Mac can also be successfully used to manage iTunes and this is a feature that does contribute to the popularity of Mac. However the user should be aware that there are quite a few different applications that can be used by Mac for the iTunes managing process.

The following are some of these as depicted according to its popularity and accompanying features:

The desk top controller resides in the OS X menu bar and offers the user a quick and easy way to maneuver between and rate the tracks on the system used. The user would simply have to click on the menu display and all the current information, along with several menus for selecting artists, playlists and recently played music will be depicted clearly for viewing. The feature is usually offered for free and the developer is You Software and requires the use of Mac OS 10.4 or 10.5 platforms.

Sizzling keys is also another place on the list that allow the selecting of songs to be played to be much easier. This can be done while providing a pleasant visual feedback of what the user is listening to at any given time. There is usually a nominal charge of just under $5 and the developer is the Yellow Mug which uses the Mac OS X 10.4 or iTunes 8.1.x

CoverSutra offers a decent range of features too. Some of which are iTunes control with a stunning interface and integrates will with the

Last.fm system. However this particular element can be quite expensive for such simple performance extensions but it is will considered interesting enough to merit some consideration. It usually comes with a price tag of about $20 and the developer is Sophistication and requires the use of Mac OS x Leopard.