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Linkedin Templates Personal Use Ebook

Linkedin Templates Personal Use Ebook
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Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than a social media platform. It is a place for businesses to connect. It is the largest professional network where businesses can promote themselves and build relationships.

The Power of LinkedIn for Business

As the most useful social network for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is powerful for connecting with former coworkers, old classmates and potential clients. But the real power comes from the lead generation, market research and global marketing that comes from this tool.

By increasing your participation on the network by as little as 30 minutes a day you can get more out of your LinkedIn account. Begin by focusing on specific areas, such as expanding your network, promoting your business or publishing content around your expertise and passion, and to build followers.

For example, as an owner of a floral shop, you spend 30 minutes publishing a short article about the different flowers available during a certain season and how this can save the consumer money. This article showcases your expertise on the floral industry. This, in turn, brings in potential affiliates, partnerships and builds your network among the commerce community.

LinkedIn’s power lies in its networking power. It works the same way on this site as it would in real life.

Leads and tips are created organically with networking connections. The social media site provides businesses and professionals with the opportunity to grow their reach and join or “link to” a wide community of other professionals in a vast array of fields.

You can use the LinkedIn platform to:

• Connect with and join groups
• Gather information
• Find events happening in your area
• Share your own content
• Add your own professional expertise to a conversation

Everyone on LinkedIn is there for the same reason: to create and build their business network.

How to Grow Your Following

You have a LinkedIn account, so now you need to grow your following (and keep them dedicated). LinkedIn is a large platform of businesses to network with. People will follow those they know, admire, are recommended to them and people they find engaging. To grow your followers, you need to create an engaging profile summary, connect with people you know and write informative or entertaining articles, among other things.

Grow your following by implementing some of these suggestions…

Create an optimized profile with relevant keywords, company profile picture and a background photo. People like to see who they are doing business with. Your profile needs to highlight your professional story. Describe why followers should trust you and your company.

Completely fill out your company profile including:

• Your Logo
• Company description
• Website URL
• Company size
• Industry
• Company type
• Location

Ask your employees to join LinkedIn, listing your business as their place of employment. Their friends and associates will see your link and often follow you.

Follow your current clients and business associates. They will likely follow you in return. Ask existing and potential clients to connect with you on LinkedIn. Adding a personal note when you click connect can remind them of how you met or show them the value your business offers.

Create a LinkedIn company page that showcases your company’s unique story that includes its history, mission and culture.

Add your LinkedIn Follow button to your website, blog and newsletter.

Create showcase pages specifically to draw customers to individual pages for different products, services or events.

Add your LinkedIn link to your email signature. Email is still one of the best ways to connect with your customers. Having your LinkedIn link in front of them when they read your newsletter encourages them to click through and follow you.

Create and follow a consistent posting schedule of good content.

Invite your current followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to follow your LinkedIn Page.

Send personalized invitations to people you want to connect with. Replace the default invitation LinkedIn provides with one that is personalized. It shows them you are actually a valuable professional connection.

How to Engage Your Following to Grow Your Business

Now that you have those followers, you want them to engage with you. Engagement is one of the main reasons businesses are on social media. Providing engaging content that’s entertaining or inspiring is one way. Here are several other ways.