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New Age Seo Blueprint MRR Ebook

New Age Seo Blueprint MRR Ebook
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It’s a brave new Internet world, and search engine optimization changes almost daily.

While computer chips aren’t doubling in speed every couple of months like they used to, the tech industry and all aspects of marketing continue to evolve at a viral rate.

It’s a whole new world for marketers, where competition is stiff and fierce.

One angry competitor can essentially bring your business to its knees with a couple of negative comments, well placed and believable, especially if you are relying on Google-maps alone to promote your company.

Marketing has taken on many faces over the years, but in the modern world, the newest is the ability to shape-shift. To morph on the fly.

Whole marketing campaigns are launched with the thought that the entire platform could change overnight, and the campaign might need to be scrapped, and replaced with another idea waiting in the background.

Marketers act more as liaisons to the consumer, delivering ideas and advice to help shape products, which in the digital world can also change from day to day.

Nothing is static. No strategy holds its ability to promote your brand or product. No one service can be trusted with your marketing strategy.

While this course will cover a lot of marketing tools you can use to promote your product, the key thing to keep in mind is that all of this could change tomorrow.

Websites are still the crux of online marketing, but they are adapting too, as mobile usersare beginning to replace laptop and desktop computers almost entirely.

New competition can crop up overnight, and crush your entire market with a new idea, or a product that completely reinvents the way that we think about a product or service.

Uber is doing this with taxi companies. Air B&B is doing the same with hotel chains. The ability to scrap and adapt, to shift and change, to stick and move. That’s the market today. It’s fast, it’s dynamic, and it’s impossible to predict.

Some of the methods discussed here can help you find your way in this world of technological whirlwind, and they have been around for years.

Some are brand new as of this writing, and could either become staples of the SEO world, or be gone tomorrow.

We have to think ahead, and always be on the look-out for the newest marketing strategies before they emerge.

Hopefully the insights that you gain here will put you in that mindset, and you will come up with the next big push in marketing.

Staying current on SEO practices is good. Staying ahead of the trend with your online business is better. Remember, search engines have one goal, to deliver the best possible content to users.

If you have the best content, then your next strategy could be the next standard in search engine optimization. Don’t stop once you are caught up. Continue to surge ahead.

If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it. Just don’t fool yourself about what’s working and what isn’t.

Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for billboards all over thecountry was once thought to be an effective advertising method, but there’s a problem.

It’s not effective. It’s not trackable. And there is no way, at the end of the day, to judge your return on investment.

Marketers used to burn up cash to slap a billboard up that might never be seen by a single member of their target audience.

The same reference could be made about SEO. What good is 100,000 page views if none of them has the slightest interest in your content or products? Sometimes having the best keywords isn’t the best tactic.

I’m not saying that older methods can’t work, they can. But they need to be targeted and precise. They need to be placed right in the hands of your customers, ignoring everyone else.

That brings us to the best place to startany marketing campaign in this new age.

The social platform.

I know what you are thinking. Facebook advertising doesn’t work.

That’s okay, it doesn’t have to. What it does is allow you to go straight to your target audience and engage them directly.

Forget about the ad budgets, what you want is personal engagement. You want sharable links the can pass from person to person. You want virility.

You aren’t going to get this with a simple business page, though it’s a great place to keep your audience close. In order to build that audience, you need personal accounts.

You can have everyone at your company either use their own personal account to talk about work, where they can invite friends that are interested in what they do.

Instead of frowning onsocial time, make it effective.Make competitions for who can drive the most likes to a business page.

They can join groups. They can plug your products. They can share links.

And here’s a little tip: they can leave a direct link back to your productpage without all the URL nonsense.

Simply type an ‘@,’ followed by the first few letters of a business page that you follow, and you can select it from the list.

Facebook will drop in a clickable link that looks like it targets a personal site, and directs clicks straight to your page.