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Organic Healing Properties MRR Ebook

Organic Healing Properties MRR Ebook
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Chapter 8: Benefits Of Going Organic With Cleaning Products


Most people don't realize the dangers of using house hold detergents and cleaning products. These products often contain hazardous compounds and are often over looked as most people either don't bother to read the product break downs on the labels or even if they do, they probably won't be able to understand the compounds listed.

Organic Around The House

Generally the producing companies are not required to warn the users of the potential dangers, because they insist the percentages of its hazardous contents are just too small. However what most people fail to understand is that small amounts over time builds up to adverse effects on the human body, thus causing the beginnings of health problems.

For the more consciences user these things matter and thus the birth of organic cleaning product ranges. Making quite an impact on the consumer world, these organic product are both fairly cheap and of good quality. Almost always managing to get the results promised of the labels.

The current lifestyles of most people today revolve around the home, office, or school thus the need to have a safe and clean environment in all these places. The elements in the atmosphere are a major contributing factor; coming in second only, to the food consumed, is what leads to poor health both mentally and physically. Having unwanted compounds in the air that circulates around the office, home or school can be eradicated with the thoughtful use of organic cleaning products.

These products are made from natural sources with the idea of keeping all the ingredients organic and health friendly. The organic products range is very wide and versatile. There are floor cleaning detergents, which can be doubled up to clean other things too. There are also dish washing detergents and laundry detergents. Besides the cleaning range, there are also great natural air fresheners and purifiers.

Chapter 9: The Benefits Of Adequate Water


It is a well known fact that all life forms need water in order to stay alive. Humans can go without food but not without water. Water is also a central part of every existence. Lack of this very precious element can have very serious consequences.


The human body is made up largely of water, and so it the earth. That fact itself attests to the importance of water. The health benefits of consuming the adequate amounts of water are unending. All the human body systems and functions depend heavily on the adequate amounts of water "running" through its pathways. Adequate amounts of water brings benefits to the body by maintaining the pH balance, body temperature, metabolism, breathing, prevention of constipation, heartburn, migraine, gastritis, ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, backache and these are just a few of a long list of other body parts the consumption of water benefits.

In breaking it down further to clearly show the benefits to the individual aspects of the human body functions, the list below is self explanatory.

PH Balance - the human body needs to ideally maintain a ph balance of about 7.35 - 7.45 in order to function at its physiological best. Any shift in this balance will result in sickness and the inability of the body to absorb vitamins, mineral, supplements, and food into the system completely and successfully. Energy levels and the immune system's response to negative element like diseases will be severely affected if the adequate water consumption is not at its best.

Body temperature - as a large percentage of the human body make up is of water, the responsibility of maintaining a comfortable body temperature lies in its balance of water ratios. The more the individual loses water by perspiration, urination, and dehydration the higher the consumption of water should be.

Chapter 10: How To Shop Wisely For Organic Foods And Products


Most people give many excuses when it comes to buying organic foods or products. The main excuses are the higher prices and the difficulty in sourcing these items.

Be Wise

Those serious in making the effort to switch to organic based items usually find the time and patience to source for it. Here are some ways that may be helpful to shopping wisely for all things organic.

Assuming that all organic products are more expensive than their chemically based counterparts is a rather big folly. There are many organic based products that are similarly priced or slightly more expensive when compared.

Planning well and buying organic based items that are in season are also a prudent way to shop. Many of these items are found in abundance when in season and therefore priced fairly reasonably. As most organic based items come with a short shelf life, the quick sale of these items is imperative to its success, therefore these items will be well priced to ensure is fast turn over in sales.

Shopping at farmers markets or buying straight from the farmer down the road is where the consumers can get really good priced bargains. The freshness of the products available is usually a great selling point and guaranteed as these products are sold within 24 hours of harvesting. Cultivating a good friendly relationship with the shop keepers at the market is also an added advantage in terms of getting the best products at the best possible prices.

In some places around the world, it is even possible to visit the farms or processing centers to actually pick the produce without having to incur the cost of hired labor. These are especially popular in the summer months, where the whole family can enjoy this fun and fulfilling exercise together.