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Red Hot List Building Mrr Ebook

Red Hot List Building Mrr Ebook
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The autoresponder service that you choose to use will provide you with opt-in forms for you to place on your website. Where and how you place these opt-in boxes is going to be up to you.

There are many places and many ways to put opt-in boxes on your website. There are opt-in boxes that pop-up, drop-down or stay in one place. Go take a little tour of the Internet. Look at where and how others have placed their opt-in boxes. Decide for yourself what you think would work best for you.

First think about this. What is it exactly that you want your website visitors to do when they get to your site? In a perfect world, they would get to your site, click through your pages, choose the item or items they want and click on the ‘buy now’ or ‘checkout’ button. Problem solved! Right?

The problem is that it isn’t a perfect world. It is a proven fact that a visitor will go to a site up to seven times before they actually purchase anything on the site....if the EVER do, in fact, purchase at all.

There is another little problem with this imperfect world of Internet marketing. Surfers have a notoriously short attention span. You have about five seconds to grab them before they surf away. That isn’t very many ticks of the clock.

Let’s say that you are selling dog houses. A shopper goes in search of businesses that sell dog houses and finds your site along with another few hundred sites that also sell dog houses. How are you going to sell this shopper a dog house and do it in five seconds? The answer is that you aren’t. You may well eventually sell him that dog house but you aren’t going to do it in five seconds and probably not before he has visited your site several times.

The first thing that that visitor needs to see is an opt-in box that promises to help him find what he is looking for and provide him with enough information about dogs and dog houses to help him make a good decision....that would be your optin box. If they’re looking for dog houses and your opt-in offers your 5-page report on ‘What to look for when buying a dog house’ as a free gift for subscribing, many if not most visitors will at least subscribe – then it’s up to you from that point on.

The ‘opt-in’ box needs to be in the upper area of each page, high enough that visitors see it before scrolling down at all. It doesn’t need to be at the bottom of the page after the customer has scrolled through a long sales pitch. The most productive opt-in boxes are placed on either the top right or top left, directly below your header graphic. And be sure it’s on every page – while your Index page may be the home page TO YOU, you don’t know which page the visitors will initially land on, or whether they’ll ever even click through to the home page.