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Rejecting Rejection Mrr Ebook

Rejecting Rejection Mrr Ebook
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It’s more comfortable - sure, it makes us less creditworthy - correct, it lets other people have the comfort of knowing we're no better than them - nothing special to see here - just an average guy or girl. But let me explain to you my side of the story so that you are able to decide for yourself whether it's really worthwhile to come forward, be a unique individual, and to fight for what makes you who you are.

The human that shines through when we let go of the championed self has to be watered like a seed is watered before it sprouts. If as an alternative we attempt to build a false persona - then how can we ever hope to bring happiness and freedom and success into our lives? Conquering your true self inevitably leads to a downwardly spiral of self-annihilation. Your true self has always been ready and waiting to come out - and therein is the source of case-by-case power.

I'm not talking about the type of power that one has to overcome a country by military strength, nor the power that a mortal has to control others into benefiting for themselves, and not even the power of being the leader in a company, a relationship, or a sports competition. I'm talking of the power of being yourself.

The power to be yourself isn't measured by how well you are able to defend your-self, but as an alternative by how well you are able to express your-self through the limitless creative channels the universe provides. The more you're able to get to know your true self the better you're able to heal the blockages chopping off your creative energy and hindering your success.

Many people know their false self a lot better than their true self. This admits them the power to be good at something career-wise, to be better than other people at writing, or to be able to attract socially popular partners.

I'm just utilizing these as examples, naturally. The point I'm making is that when we get in tune with our genuine self the immense power, happiness, and freedom that's born lets us express and share ourselves with others.

This sharing contradicts the type of reality where life is a rivalry - instead it allows us to make a unique and divine donation of “I” to the rest of the world and to collaborate in tandem with the universe. This in turn creates success and its own kind of wealth.