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Self Help Affirmations MRR Ebook

Self Help Affirmations MRR Ebook
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What the whole community comes to believe in grasps the individual as in a vise.-WILLIAM JAMES, The Moral Equivalent of War

Your beliefs will be the light by which you see, but they will not be what you see and they will not be a substitute for seeing.-FLANNERY O’CONNOR, Mystery and Manners

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.-ALDOUS HUXLEY, Brave New World

Believe in one thing too much and you have no room for new ideas.-RAY BRADBURY, The October Country

The most violent revolutions in an individual’s beliefs leave most of his old order standing. Time and space, cause and effect, nature and history, and one’s own biography remain untouched. New truth is always a go-between, a smoother-over of transitions. It marries old opinion to new fact so as ever to show a minimum of jolt, a maximum of continuity.-WILLIAM JAMES, "What Pragmatism Means," Pragmatism

If you only believe when it’s easy, you don’t really believe.-LAURELL K. HAMILTON, Obsidian Butterfly

If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.-JESSE JACKSON, Straight from the Heart

A wise man ... proportions his belief to the evidence.-DAVID HUME, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

A belief is not true because it is useful.-HENRI FREDERIC AMIEL, as quoted in Bob Kelly’s Worth Repeating

Many people have died for their beliefs. The real courage is living and suffering for what you believe.-CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI, Eragon

It is easier to argue that something nobody believes in actually exists than it is to argue that something everybody believes in is unreal.-SAMUEL R. DELANY, Neveryon

Though my sight be lost, I do not yet lose my faith: when I can no longer see, I can still believe. -IVAN PANIN, Thoughts

Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that ensures the successful outcome of the venture.-WILLIAM JAMES, The Varieties of Religious Experience

Human beliefs, like all other natural growths, elude the barriers of system.-GEORGE ELIOT, Silas Marner

I’ve caught belief like a disease. I’ve fallen into belief like I fell in love.-GRAHAM GREENE, The End of the Affair

The child learns to believe a host of things. I.e. it learns to act according to these beliefs. Bit by bit there forms a system of what is believed, and in that system some things stand unshakably fast and some are more or less liable to shift. What stands fast does so, not because it is intrinsically obvious or convincing; it is rather held fast by what lies around it.-LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN, On Certainty

The facts of life do not penetrate to the sphere in which our beliefs are cherished; they did not engender those beliefs, and they are powerless to destroy them.-MARCEL PROUST, Swann’s Way