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Simple Joint Venture Secrets Give Away Rights Ebook

Simple Joint Venture Secrets Give Away Rights Ebook
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Identify Other Marketers in Your Niche or Industry

There are niche markets for everything under the sun so your idea for a new product or service falls into at least one of them. Think of the Internet market place as a grocery store. Imagine the aisles. There is an aisle for canned vegetables and on that aisle the different canned vegetables are categorized into asparagus, string beans, English peas, etc. If someone came up with a new variety of string beans and got it canned and to market, it would be stacked with the other canned varieties of string beans...not with the carrots and not with the cleaning supplies. It would be in its own niche. The developer of this new string bean would have sampled all of the other string beans on the market and figured out a way to make his different or better than what was being offered in the market place.

In the Internet market place, there are 'aisles' (niches) for all kinds of products and services. If you have an idea for accounting software, you need to look on the software aisle and find accounting software products. You need to know what is being offered and by whom. You need to identify your major marketing competitors. See what they are offering and find a way that you can do it better, cheaper, faster or more efficiently.

Once you identify your main marketing competitors, you can find out everything you need to know about them by searching the Internet. It isn't called 'the information super highway' for nothing. See what the competition is offering and find a way to do it better.

See how they are marketing their products and find a way to market yours better. See what they are doing right... see what they are doing wrong and make use of that knowledge.

Approaching Potential Partners via Email

After you have identified your prospective joint venture partners, the next thing to do is to contact them. Many times only email contact information is given on the websites of your potential joint venture partners. Remembering that they most likely get hundreds of emails every day, you will need to construct your email message in a way that will get their attention and hold it.

This is not the place to take a shortcut. Have your prospective joint venture partners' website open on your browser as you construct your email to them. Your email can start with something like;

"Hello. This is your name with your company name. I am looking at your website right now and I am very impressed with what I see. Our businesses complement one another and I believe that my customers would be very interested in your product. Your customers would be interested in our product as well. Would you consider a joint venture to create a special offer for your customers as well as mine?" Go on to say that you are willing to offer a 60% commission on sales of your product to their customers.

You need to make it very clear that your object is to create a win-win situation and that they will win more than you will win. You need to offer to send them a free copy of your product for them to evaluate and suggest that you talk via telephone. Be sure to give your own contact information and make it a prominent display in the email.

It is important that you understand the business model of your prospective joint venture partner so that you construct your proposal in a way that will be most appealing to his specific way of doing business.

Approaching Potential Partners via Phone

After you have identified your potential joint venture partners by doing Google key word searches, searches of e-zine directories and business directories, the next thing you do is visit the websites of your best prospects. On these websites you will find contact information. Sometimes you will find only email addresses but sometimes you will find phone numbers. If you have both, choose the phone number contact information first.

A personal contact has a better chance of success than an email contact and it's a lot faster. With an email contact you must wait for the recipient to wade through all of the emails he receives each day and get around to responding to yours.

Make yourself very familiar with the company you are contacting about partnering with. When you make the call have their website open on your browser and be ready to discuss any aspect of the business. You might begin your telephone conversation by saying something like:

"Hello. This is your name with your company name. I am looking at your website right this minute and I am really impressed with what I see. I believe that my customers would be very interested in (name a specific product) that you sell.

Your customers would also be interested in our (name the product you sell). They certainly do complement each other. Would you be interested in teaming up and making a special offer to your customers?"

Don't just keep talking here. Give the person you are talking to time to respond to your question. If he or she responds in a positive way, begin to make it clear that you are interested in creating a win-win situation and that you are willing to let them win more than you will win...such as offering a 60% commission on sales of your product to their list.

Approaching Potential Partners via Chat Program

Chat is big on the Internet. Everybody does chat in some form. It is an extremely useful tool when approaching potential joint venture partners. Much information can be exchanged in a very short period of time and time (precious time) does matter to busy Internet Marketers. Anything that will save time is a valuable tool and chat programs qualify.

There are, of course, many different chat programs to choose from and depending upon the joint venture partners you have or want to have, you many need more than one chat program on your computer. The Skype program is one of the very best especially for international chats and phone calls. You can call other Skype users free of charge and call those who are not Skype users at a very reasonable rate...about two cents per minute for calls within the United States and sometimes calls to other Countries are even free on weekends or during special promotions.