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Small Mammal Care Guide Give Away Rights Ebook

Small Mammal Care Guide Give Away Rights Ebook
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Chapter 5: Rabbit Care


Rabbits are really cool and can make great pets. A sad fact is though that rabbits are the third most surrendered or euthanized animal. This is due to the fact that people choose to get a rabbit as a pet before they fully understand how much responsibility is behind caring for a rabbit.

This chapter is to inform you of the basics of rabbit care so that you will be well informed before making the decision to bring a rabbit into your family.

Proper Care for Your Bunny

Caring for this furry animal would require the owner to be conscious of several different yet connective measures. These would include dietary needs, housing and bunny proofing the surroundings if the owner intends for the pet to have some level of freedom away from its cage some of the time.

The following is a guide that should be adopted if the new owner is keen on ensuring optimal happy conditions and care for the pet rabbit:

An ideal meal for a rabbit should include a nice mix of hay, pellets and fresh vegetables. There should also be a bowl of fresh clean water for the rabbit always. Occasional treats can be given and these would include fresh fruits but in small quantities due to its high sugar content. Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, bananas, pineapple and apples without the seeds would be an ideal choice. Hay should also be included for its good digestive and dental contributing elements.

Getting the pet rabbit to use a little box for its toilet facilities is not as difficult or as unusual as most people would think. Rabbits tend to ease themselves in one or two very specific areas and this makes the job of identifying a suitable place to locate the litter box easy. Confining the pet rabbit to a specific room until the rabbit makes it a habit of using the litter box for its toilet is a great way of training the rabbit to use a litter box.

If the pet owner intends to allow the pet rabbit to eventually roam freely around the house, some bunny proofing measures need to be taken. Rabbits are especially prone to biting on wires, thus keeping them either out of reach or inside flex tubing would help. Also providing the rabbit with lots of chewy toys and other distraction toys would help to keep it occupied and less destructive.

Chapter 6: The Dangers of not caring for Your Small Mammal Correctly


If you plan on getting a small mammal as a pet it is extremely important that you understand how crucial it is that you make sure that the pet is getting the proper care. Small mammals health can deteriorate quite quickly under bad circumstances so it is vital that you are constantly inspecting your pet for any signs of sickness.

No matter how small the mammal is that you are keeping for a pet, it is still a living creature and deserves to be cared for properly. Then following chapter will go over some of the negative consequences that can come from not properly taking care of your small mammal.
Be Aware of the Danger!

To start with, most of these mammals are very small in size as its title so aptly describes them; this is often the biggest problem when it comes to having these mammals as pets. Their small size often makes interaction with them rather difficult and stressful and most pet owners simply settle for observing them from outside the cages or housing facilities. It is often difficult to even pick up such pet for a quick cuddle as besides the obvious small size, these animals are also very good at scurrying off quickly or wriggling out of the human hand’s grasp.

Cleaning the housing for these pet can also be rather challenging and sometimes because it is considered a nuisance, some pet owner avoid doing it according to requirements. This will of course eventually affect the health of the small mammal pet and this will have even more unwanted negative connotations. The strong odors of the poop and urine of these pets can also be quite strong, and that is why there is a need to clean the housing accordingly to specific instructions provided by guides and other sources of information.

Giving these small mammal pets the correct foods and the ideal nutritional needs can also be a challenge. In most cases the pet would need fresh fruits and vegetables or grains and seeds of some sort. These should ideally never be left to rot in the housing as it would not only be unhealthy for the animal but would also be unhygienic. Overfeeding is also something to avoid as it will bring on the onset of obesity and other negative medical conditions.

These small animals are also not used to loud and bright places, thus the need to find cool, quiet and calm surroundings for their housing location. Failure to do so will likely lead to large amounts of stress for the mammal and this will lead to unwanted behaviors.

Wrapping Up

Owning small mammals as pets can be very cool, entertaining, and cost-effective and has many conveniences. They may require care and attention but the happiness and joy they will surely bring you will make it well worth it.

It is very important that you understand the responsibility of these animals before you decide to get one as a pet. These small mammals are not just toys you can throw into a box and play with when you want to. They are living creatures and deserve our respect and love.

I hope that this book has been helpful for you and has cleared up some of the questions you have about owning and caring for a small mammal such as a rabbit, rat, mouse, gerbil or hamster.

I thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck.