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Social Media Hero Give Away Rights Ebook

Social Media Hero Give Away Rights Ebook
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Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Chapter 7: Using Mobile Technology


The explanation within the name title is in itself self explanatory as mobile technology is mobile form of portable technology. The examples of which include laptops, notebook computers, palmtop computers or personal digital assisting devices, mobile phones and smart phones, global position systems otherwise known as GPS devices, wireless debit and credit card payment terminals and many other yet to be mentioned.


Most of the above can assist in a variety of ways and some of these positive contributing factors are listed below:

The facilitating of wireless fidelity as a type of wireless local networking technology.

Bluetooth connection for mobile divides also wireless in its design.

Third generation global system application for mobile communications and general packet radio services for data processing and data networking.

Dial up services which contribute to data networking using modems and telephone lines.

Virtual private networks with secure access to a private network base.

All these innovative tools can offer the customers invaluable assistance in improving the current services provided. Customer relationship management can be done over the internet allowing the individual to stay updated on the details virtually anywhere and anytime.

Payment methods can also be made more accessible without the inconvenience of having to search for an actual payment receiving machine.

Other advantages include being able to be directly links to business information even when the individual is away from the work terminal and tangible information base. This important facility is definitely an enormously beneficial advantage as in today’s business arena most interactions are done is a fashion that does not necessarily include a formal business setting.

Due to this unconventional style of conducting business exercises the invaluable mobile technology has been able to prove its worth. Such information retrieval would include customer account history, check of pricing and stock availability, placing of orders on demand and many others.

Because of the vast reach with no visible boundaries the tools available for use in terms of getting the desired visibility for the endeavor are also of a rather formidable amount, but with the introduction of forums this visibility factor has taken on a whole new level of exposure.

Chapter 8: Forums


Businesses in general need some form of community support in terms of creating awareness and revenue thus the formation of the forum platform serves adequately to address both needs.

Online forums are one of the best ways of fostering business awareness among the desired target audience. There forums create the access to being able to exchange ideas and information while at the same time facilitating the interaction element that gives way to discussions and other beneficial elements.

There are also instances where trouble shooting exercises can be done in an informative and non threatening style which would ideally lead to a better understanding and collaboration on furthering the business entity. It would also help to create the sense of trustworthiness that is so important in today’s business climate.

Using the various different technology tools the forum participants are able to interact while providing information which may include scenarios such as message board forum, chats, instant messaging and many others.

All this can be done with the stubble guidance of the individual to ensure the moderations of the discussion and interaction so that the basic ideas of achieving the business goals are not adversely effected.

All these factors contribute to real time answers and solutions that other tools may not be able to facilitate well.

Wrapping Up

Through the internet platform the limitations of geographical confines have been erased to birth a new platform where there are no boundaries at all in existence for a business to grow and reach its target audience no matter where in the world they may be.