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South-East Asia Rising Internet Marketers MRR Ebook

South-East Asia Rising Internet Marketers MRR Ebook
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Together with Justin Koh as partner, Nelson Tan has set up Internet Mastery Center, Mastermind Eureka and Fresh Resources as his main Internet Marketing business and 14 other niche mini-sites (and still counting). Armed with all the knowledge and experience he gained from electronics and communications, IT, self-development, sales and marketing, business management, religious studies and volunteerism, he can help you seek the answers you have always been looking for. Don’t believe it? Check the quality of his answers below.

How did you get into Internet Marketing? Can you explain your journey into Internet Marketing in detail?

With my partner Justin Koh, I seriously began my journey into Internet Marketing in December 2003. In that year, Jxx Kxxxxx (name amended) was THE big headline name with the release of his 2-volume "30 Days to Internet Marketing Success". It was not hard to identify his e-book as the No. 1 best-selling product of 2003, as it made Jxx US$300,000 over an 8-month period. So that really got me intrigued over just how 'easy' it is for an 18-year-old Singaporean student, with no work experience, to earn greenbacks from all over the world, with veteran and older marketers giving him the best testimonials for his work. What I really had witnessed for myself are many factors that seemed to defy the logic of the conventional working world.

Earnings for the full year of 2004 were too little to be worthy of mention. It was a year of intensive learning, unlearning, relearning and information overload. However, upon personal reflection of the way I and my peers are brought up as part of a generation under much influence from 16-bit video games, 386/486 computer games, technological curiosity and junk mail, I already knew in my heart and mind that Internet marketing is something I can truly succeed in simply with typing fingers.

We spent too much time soul-searching, identifying and clarifying profitable online business ideas and building our first Internet Marketing site: Internet Mastery Center. With all due respect and I'm sure you readers may agree, the education system that we went through must be our Archilles' Heel because it typifies our thinking in every way in accordance to meritocracy and over-achievement. We just want to do it BIG the first time without seriously considering how to start small, and even smaller still. Along the way, we kept getting distracted with other people's Web sites and success and faltered from focusing on what WE ourselves can really contribute substantially to the Internet Marketing world.

It was much later in the year when I finally came to feel for the fact that everything that is and can be done online is not 'easy' but a very systematic and predictable process. The most significant aspect is that you can test and measure results with affordable metric software instead of leaving your business up to 'fate,’ which is what happens to Mom-&-Pops stores on street corners where no one cares to go.

The good thing about the Internet is that it really has no isolated corners. Every unknown Web site starts off on equal footing and is just one URL away! It's a matter of how many people you can tell in how short a time about your sites. That's what the 'Marketing' part is all about and is as exciting as a computer game. What some folks say about setting up "site after site, and then BAM BAM BAM!" is true. They keep their thinking short, simple and straightforward to bring home the money. That doesn't mean their simple sites have no substantial value in their content.

Anyway, we still have this one big idea—the Internet Mastery Center—to take care of. Our first commercial e-book is The Handy Hyperlink Listbook, which we will give you for free. In December 2004, Mark Hendricks organized a massive giveaway event called "12 Days of Christmas" inviting all marketers to contribute a product that visitors can get by subscribing to your mailing list. The enormous pulling power of such events never fail to help us get at least 1,000 subscribers in a week! It was our first breakthrough in list size and income. With a few more events like this in 2005 and other list-building programs, we never looked back and the rest is history.