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Strategies And Techniques That Help You Reach For The Stars Resale Rights Ebook

Strategies And Techniques That Help You Reach For The Stars Resale Rights Ebook
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This book instructs you on what to do and how to accomplish it when it comes to tapping and utilizing the powers of your subconscious.

Where have you been schooled to constructively utilize, neutralize, command or harmonize with your passions, emotions, instincts, dispositions, feelings, moods and habits of idea and action?

Have you been instructed how to aim high and accomplish your goals irrespective of the obstacles? If your answer is "No." You'll be taught these things if you read and thenapply the precepts in this book.

Chapter 1

Where This All Gets Started


There is an invisible talisman (mental attitude) that has 2 amazing powers: it has the power to draw in wealth, success, happiness and wellness; and it has the power to drive back these things —to rob you of all that makes life worth living.

It's the first of these powers, that lets a few men climb to the top and remain there. It's the second that keeps other men at the bottom all their lives. It's the later that pulls still other men down from the top when they've accomplished it.

A Place To Begin

Youmust learn to develop the habit of recognizing, relating, assimilating and utilizing universal precepts and adopt them as your very own. Then follow through with desirable action.

And what are the precepts you might apply? They may be learned and applied by youngsters and grownups:

Greatness comes to those who acquire a burning desire to accomplish high goals.

Success is accomplished and maintained by those who try and keep going with a positive mental attitude.

To become an expert achiever in any human action, it requires practice . . . practice . . . practice.

Effort and work may become amusing once you establish particular desirable goals.

With each adversity there's a seed of an equivalent or better benefit for those who are motivated with positive mental attitude to become achievers.

Man's biggest power lies in the power of prayer.

To learn and apply these precepts, tune in your invisible talisman to the positive mental attitude side.

We're the masters of our fate as we are masters, first, of our attitudes. Our attitudes determine our future. This is a universal law. This law works whether the attitudes are destructive or constructive. The law says that we translate into physical truth the thoughts and attitudes which we hold in our brains, regardless what they are.

We translate into truth thoughts of poverty even as quickly as we do thoughts of wealth. But if our attitude toward ourselves is big, and our attitude toward other people is generous and merciful, we Draw in big and generous portions of success.

As wellknow that those who trust they can't repel the positive; they utilize the negative side of their talisman. Those who trust they may repel the negative; they utilize the positive side.

That's why we must be cautious when we utilize these talismans. Its positive mental attitude side that may get for you all the rich blessings of life. It put up help you to overcome your troubles and to discover your strengths. It may help you step out ahead of your rivals, and can turn what other people say is impossible into reality.

But the negative mental attitude side is just as powerful. Rather than happiness and success, it may draw in despair and defeat. Like all power, the talisman is unsafe if we don't utilize it the right way.

But how do you go about putting positive mental attitude to work in your life instead of negative mental attitude? Some individuals seem to utilize this power instinctively. Some learn by relating and absorbing what they read in inspirational magazines and books.

A few individuals use positive mental attitude for a while but when they get a setback, they lose faith in it. They start out right, but a few "foul breaks" cause them to flip the talisman wrong-side-up. They never realize that success is maintained by those who continue trying with positive mental attitude.

A few individuals seem to use positive mental attitude pretty much all the time. Other people start and then quit. But other people —the huge majority of us —have never truly begun to utilize the fantastic powers available to us.

What about us? May we learn to utilize positive mental attitude, as we've learned other skills?

The answer, based on years of experience, is a definite yes.

This is the content of this book. In the chapters that follow we'll show you how it may be done. The effort to learn will be worth it because positive mental attitude is the crucial ingredient in all success.

Chapter 2

You Can Alter Your Life


We now know that positive mental attitude is a great thing. Once you begin to employ these principles with positive mental attitude in your preferred occupation or to a solution of your personal issues, you're on the road to success. Then you're on the right track and headed in the correct direction toward getting what you wish.

To accomplish anything worthwhile in life, it's crucial that you employ positive mental attitude, no matter what other success rules you employ.

Positive mental attitude is the catalyst which makes any combination of success precepts work to accomplish a worthwhile end. Its negative mental attitude, combined with some of the same precepts, that's the catalyst which results in crime or evilness. And grief, calamity, tragedy —sin, disease, demise —are a few of its rewards.

The Things Needed

As long as you live, from this day onwards, you are able to analyze your every success and every failure —that is, if you form these principles indelibly in your memory.

You might develop and sustain a permanent positive mental attitude by making it your duty to adopt and apply these principles in your day-to-day living.

There's no other known technique by which you might keep your mind positive.

Analyze yourself bravely, now, and learn which of these precepts you have been utilizing and which of them you've been overlooking.

In the future examine both your successes and your allures, utilizing the principles as a measuring system, and really soon you'll be able to lay your finger on what has been holding you back.

If you have positive mental attitude and don't succeed, then what? If you utilize positive mental attitude and don't succeed, it might be because you're not using it the right way in the combination for success to accomplish your particular goal.

Initially it might be hard to comprehend and apply the principles. However as you continue to read each of these precepts will be more clear to you. You'll then be able to utilize them.

Has the world presented you a raw deal? "I never truly had a chance to advance. My dad was an alcoholic, you know." "I was raised in the slum area and that's something you are able to never get out of your system." "I only had an elementary school education."

These individuals are all stating, in essence, that the world has afforded them a raw deal. They're blaming the world and conditions outside themselves for their failures. They blame their heredity or their surroundings. They start out with a negative mental attitude. And, naturally, with that attitude, they're handicapped. But it's negative mental attitude that is holding them down, not the extraneous handicap which they provide as the cause of their failure.

Identifying one's self with a successful mental image may help break the habits of self-doubt and defeat which years of negative mental attitude set up inside a personality. A different and equally crucial successful strategy for altering your world is to identify yourself with a mental image that will inspire you to make the correct decisions. It may be a slogan, a picture, or any other symbol that's meaningful to you.

What will your picture state to you? There's one way to find out. When you're faced with a grave issue or decision, ask your picture a question. Listen, for the answer.

A different crucial ingredient for altering your world is to have definiteness of purpose.

Definiteness of purpose is the beginning point of all accomplishment. Definiteness of purpose, blended with positive mental attitude, is the beginning point of all worthwhile accomplishment Remember —your world will alter whether or not you decide to alter it.