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The Power Of Private Label Articles Give Away Rights Ebook

The Power Of Private Label Articles Give Away Rights Ebook
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Share Your Expertise Through E-Books & Content Articles

One way to increase your Internet presence is to show the world that you are an expert in your field. Although this is done by content written for your website, it is also successfully accomplished by publishing content on the web, on other websites, on Blogs, and by writing E-Books.

By putting your content on the web and at other websites, you are spreading the word that you are an expert. This is a common marketing strategy used in television media as well as promoting new actors, actresses, models, singers, etc. When a “promoter” or “agent” wants their new “star” to be recognized, they spread the word. A new song that is deemed to be a hit will get the most airplay. The key is to become a “household” word. Well, consider the Internet the world and websites are the homes. You want as many websites as possible to link to you, to write about you, to talk about you on message boards, to let the world know that you are an expert in your field.

This can be achieved by submitting your original articles to article directories. By creating these articles, web masters will request the use to reprint the article on their website. This is fantastic because every article will contain a resource box. This box will include your personal information, name and any plugs you feel like writing, as well as your web page address. This will drive traffic to your website and ultimately create more sales. You must clarify that the article may only be reprinted on their website if your URL is included as this is vital to your search engine placement and success. This will improve your rating in the search engines by improving what is known as your “linkability”.

You can also post messages proving your expertise on various message boards and discussion groups. Many of these group boards will allow you to place a URL to your website in your signature line. These group board messages are also frequently picked up by search engines and count as links to your main website.

Another option that you have available to use, is to take advantage of free websites. You have your main website full of affiliate programs and keyword rich content articles. There are many websites that will let you have free hosting, usually for allowing a pop up or banner ad. You can make dual sites, and put various content articles on these pages as well. When you link back to your main site, you are increasing your rating in the search engines. Just make sure that you don’t make “clones” of your main site, otherwise the search engines may see you as spamming and ban you. However, with a little ingenuity and creativity, you will find the benefits of these free sites, are invaluable and will help increase your web presence and traffic.

Remember, the more people that see you as an expert are likely to continue to visit your site. Keep your articles fresh and current and you will see your visitors continue to visit your site.

Writing E-books may seem an involved process, but with Adobe Acrobat it is a breeze. Everyone loves to download free E-Books and these can be distributed the same as with free content articles. Just remember that their resource box must include the URL of your main site, or else they cannot place your articles or E-books on their site.

Google’s Adsense Program Means More Income

Combining content articles and the power of Google is an option that has proved very lucrative. As you continually update your content and add more content articles, your Google Adsense ads will scan your content and adjust the ads to match your keywords. This alone, is priceless! You will not have to concern yourself with updating your Google Adsense ads; the program does it for you. Google will handle the entire affiliate-programming end of Adsense. All you need to focus on is improving your ranking and bringing visitors to your site. Once they are there, they will be targeted to the Google Adsense ads automatically.

You need great content articles to work hand in hand with Google Adsense revenue. Google can bring amazing results and income in the thousands per day. Keeping great content is crucial to Google’s Ad programs.

Advertising with Bylines & Resource Boxes

You’ve written your keyword rich content articles. We have already discussed the benefits of sharing your content articles as well as the power of linking partnerships. Well, when you create your content articles, and are sharing them freely, I must reiterate the importance of including your link in your bylines. Better than just having a link, is to have a keyword targeted URL for your link. If you include one of your top keywords in your URL, you are not only providing for a link back to your website, but you will increase your search engine ratings because of the keyword rich URL driving traffic to your site.

Imagine that you have just given your keyword rich URL to over 200 people. They are now all linking back to your website. Not only are your rankings increasing because of your link popularity, but now your keyword has also been linked (via your URL) to over 200 websites. This is a phenomenal way to increase your ranking and drive countless traffic to your website. It is one of the best-kept secrets in Internet Marketing today.

The content articles are given away freely, but you will be quick to reap in rich rewards as the traffic overflows into your website. Remember, that you must stress the importance of the condition that anyone using your articles or E-books may only do so as long as they keep your content rich URL HTML code in tact.

A solution for this is to create a “download” page where you offer your articles and Ebooks yourself. You can put the HTML code on your site and allow them to copy and paste it into their websites themselves. Not only are you gaining the reputation of “expert” in your field, but you are also ensuring that your byline will remain in one piece as it transfers to the other websites.