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Becoming An Overnight Expert Through Im MRR Ebook

Becoming An Overnight Expert Through Im MRR Ebook
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Internet marketing can be a whole lot different than retail sales. For one, when people shop in a brick-and-mortar store, they are greeted by a sales person and sometimes shake their hands. It may seem a trivial thing, but people tend to trust someone who they have a personal relationship with more than an anonymous sales page on the Internet. However, there is a way to establish a relationship with the visitors to your website in a way that impresses upon them that you also are trustworthy: By presenting yourself as an expert in your field.

There are a number of reasons why people tend to trust experts more than just someone off the street. They are seen to have an air of authority over other people. They tend to be viewed as being more knowledgeable than other people. The credentials that they have also shows up as a rubber stamp from other organizations that give that person the perception of having a higher standard of ethics to uphold. Whatever the reason, you can use the same psychological triggers to build websites and sales pages that get your visitors to instantly trust you and to want to do business with you. That's the power of being an expert.

If you think it is not possible to be an expert without having gone to a graduate program, written a book, or done something extremely remarkable with your life to prove your expertise, you are wrong! The Internet has made it extremely easy for you to show your stuff without having to spend tons of money getting someone else to certify that you are an expert. In this short report, you are going to learn the secrets of building an online presence that will establish your credibility and expertise in ways that cost very little money. Once you have that strong presence, you will find that people will flock to you for advice on how to solve their problems if it relates to your niche, and this will be a natural and organic way to generate customer leads and repeat sales without having to give the hard sell.

We're going to provide you with numerous methods to build your online expert profile in such a way that you can generate a web of good publicity for you and your products. If you find that one method is too time intensive or not working for your niche, you can try another. There's no set formula that you have to use. As long as you try several different strategies to see which work best with your audience, you will be well on the road to generating an online presence that awes and delights your visitors. That popularity will naturally rub off on your company and be the source of great referrals and product sales.


One of the easiest things to do to get yourself recognized as an expert is also the most commonly missed element of a website. It's the “About Us” page. Are you telling your customers who you are and why they should buy from you? If not, don't assume they are going to figure it out on their own. A good “About Us” page can be a way to introduce yourself and your company in a way that frames your Internet presence in the way you want to be known. If you don't write up your own “About Us” page, odds are that someone will do a review on you and people will Google it and get their information from someone else. To make sure that doesn't happen, include a detailed “About Us” page and let people know that you are an expert in your field and totally trustworthy.


- You And Your Partners Give the names of you and your business partners. Let the visitor become acquainted with who you are and your role in the company.

- Your Expertise Don't be coy about letting your audience know what your passion and expertise happens to be, as well as that of your compatriots. The more someone can relate to those interests, the more they will feel as if they are getting to know you.

- Short Bios Back up any claims as an expert by giving a short biography for the principal players. Using personal anecdotes and storytelling can be a great way to bring the reader into your lives and to help them to identify with the members of your team.

- Books Written Has anyone on your team authored articles or books that you can display as part of your credentials? If so, be sure to mention that in the biography related to that person as being an author of that particular group.

- Awards Received Nothing impresses people more than knowing you or your business has received recognition from other sources. It doesn't even matter if it's an Internet award or an award from some prestigious organization, be sure to list it.