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Internet Marketers Guide To Plr Give Away Rights Ebook

Internet Marketers Guide To Plr Give Away Rights Ebook
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There are a number of ways you can use PLR to build your list. After you've found the PLR you need for your niche, you will need to decide how you want to use the content.


Autoresponders are a great way to automate your business. When people want to learn something you offer, they'll sign up to learn everything.

Once you set it up initially, you can leave it running on autopilot.

Keep the course related to something you sell, whether it's a product or a service. You'll be surprised at how many people you can convert to customers with this list-building freebie.


You need a freebie to entice people to join your list, so you can get people looking at your products and services. But, there is no sense in spending a lot of your time and other resources into creating a completely original product that's free. Yes, the idea is for it to be a tool used to make you money later, but you still need to invest time and energy into the products that will make you the money. PLR can help give you a starting ground to create a unique to you freebie, without all the hassle and time. It will still take effort, but not nearly as much as developing a product from scratch.


Reaching out to your list on a regular basis is a key part of keeping your business at the forefront of their mind. You're going to have a few people here and there who subscribe for your freebie, and don't bother with anything else. Those aren't the people you want anyway—you want people who are serious.

Creating a weekly or a monthly newsletter is an excellent way to update your subscribers, without constantly filling their email box. Like with the eBook freebie, you can use PLR to craft your unique newsletter, so you can spend time on products and services to sell to your customers.

Regardless of how you use the content, you will likely need to re-write it, or to hire someone to re-write it for you to suit your needs. You need to make sure the content is evergreen, meaning it doesn't matter when a person reads it in relation to when the content was actually written. You're going to need to transform it according to your needs. For instance, if you purchased a collection of articles, you'll need to break them down and add accordingly to break out the autoresponder. You'll need to put them together in a logical manner if you intend to use them as a free eBook.


PLR products are available in many different shapes and sizes, to accommodate any niche imaginable. The beauty of PLR products is that they are most of the time almost ready for you to sell as is, especially if you are looking at eBooks and eCourses.

PLR provides a starting ground for the material to develop into a sellable product. You can either repackage multiple sets of PLR into a new product, then writing articles to promote your new product, or you can re-write the content into your own unique, but similar product and sell them to people.

You can re-write and repackage the content yourself, or you can hire a freelance writer to do the work for you. The path you take depends heavily on the time you have available for product creation, and the finances you have available to spend on your business. If you have a little bit of cash to spare, hiring someone to do the work for you is the best way to go, because this frees you up to focus on other tasks in your business that you are most proficient in. You can do this with a single PLR product, or you can choose multiple PLR products on the same niche and combine and re-work them to create an even more unique product.

Basically, the PLR serves as your base and handles all the research for you, so you are saving hours of precious time.

Can you sell the PLR products as is? Sure, but that won't necessarily get you very far. Depending on the license, there could be hundreds, or thousands of people out there with the same PLR, and thus, the same product. Taking the time to edit it and make it unique is really the only way you're going to get ahead of the game.


Let's say you run a blog about dogs. You purchase a huge set of PLR articles to serve as your blog posts for the next few months. You're hoping the consistent posting of new content will draw in more readers, and thus more ad clicks. While you could definitely be making more money on ad clicks, there's also a golden opportunity for you to make use of affiliate links.

When you insert an affiliate link into your content and someone clicks it and makes a purchase, you make money. The affiliate links can work their way naturally into the PLR content—whether it's an eBook, or an article you plan to use on your blog. Plus, they give you a chance to edit the content more to your liking, keeping it unique from all the others out there using PLR.


You can use PLR articles in a number of ways. Typically, they are sold in packs, so you can use them together, or individually. You can use PLR articles as blog posts, email newsletters, as the basis for a special report, as the basis for an eBook, as the transcript for a video, etc.

You can also use them as article marketing tools for your website. If you want to build backlinks to your site, re-writing PLR and posting the new articles to article directories is a great way to get links.

If the PLR comes with resell rights, you can package a bunch of them together and sell them as your own product.