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Modern Instagram Marketing MRR Ebook

Modern Instagram Marketing MRR Ebook
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Instagram presents a massive traffic opportunity for marketers. It is huge. How big is Instagram? Well, in June 2018, which is roughly a year prior to this training, Instagram reached the 1 billion user milestone.

Think about that for a second. A lot of other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are suffering from lagging growth rates. Instagram, on the other hand, continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down

In fact, when it comes to actual daily usage, Instagram leaves other larger platforms in the dust. These other platforms may have a lot more users, but in terms of daily use, Instagram can boast of over 500 million users,

That's right, 500 million Instagram app users access Instagram every single day. That's a lot of content consumption. That's a lot of likes, comments, hashtags, and what have you. In fact, when measured in terms of per user engagement, it is easy to see that Instagram user behavior is more habitual.

For example, with Facebook, many people have a love-hate relationship with the platform. They would use it habitually for some time until they read some rough updates. They don't feel too good, and they swear off Facebook for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months.

Not so with Instagram. People not only use it every single day, but they keep coming back. In fact, a lot of people check their Instagram feed every few hours. They don't feel like they're going out of their way when they use Instagram.

It's very easy to understand this dynamic because Instagram was programmed from the ground up as a mobile experience. This is a far cry from Facebook which, of course, was built primarily for the desktop.

Since Instagram is a mobile-focused platform, it’s very easy for people to have some sort of seamless perception of it.

It just becomes part of their daily routine. They treat Instagram the way many people used to read the newspaper first thing in the morning.

It shows no signs of saturation because there are so many niches that can be promoted on Instagram.

The bottom line is, as long as a niche is photo or video-friendly or graphically intensive, there is an audience on Instagram for that niche. This is extremely important if you have an e-commerce website to promote.

If you are selling any kind of merchandise, Instagram should be part of your marketing strategy. There are no two ways about it. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you skip Instagram.

Sounds awesome so far, right? Well, here's the problem. Most people who try Instagram flat out fail. They really do. If you want to learn why this is the case, jump to Chapter 1.


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It's easy to get excited about Instagram's reach, user consumption patterns, and overall traffic volume. It's very easy to get pumped up when it comes to those facts. But the problem is, most people who try marketing on Instagram fail to get the results they are looking for.

common ways people slip up on Instagram

There are other ways, but chances are, if you don't know what you're doing, you have screwed up because of one of the following:
Reason #1: "One-time big time" paid marketing campaign

A lot of people who have access to marketing budgets are very impatient to promote their online store on Instagram. They just jump in with both feet. They're clueless as to what they're doing. All they know is that they have a lot of money to spend, so they pump out ad after ad after ad.

After all the money has been burned through, they have very little to show for it. The reason for this is because they believe that they can just throw money at the problem.

You can't just rely on the fact that you have a lot of money to spend. Believe it or not, even if you have a very modest or even small budget, you can still walk away with better results than a better financed marketing campaign.

The difference? It all boils down to how systematic and methodical you are in running your Instagram ad campaign
Reason #2: Promoting direct conversion links

A lot of people think that Instagram is just a traffic source. You can tell from their marketing campaigns because they would create a profile with a home page link that doesn't go to their home page. It goes directly to a sales page or an email recruitment page or squeeze page.

What do you think happens? That's right, a whole lot of nothing.

It doesn't really matter how engaging your content is. If you are not qualifying people or helping them overcome some serious structural questions regarding whatever it is you're trying to promote, you're probably not going to achieve much with the traffic.

I'm not disputing the fact that people do pull a lot of traffic from Instagram. But anybody who has ever tried online marketing knows that just because you get traffic, it doesn't mean you get conversions. Traffic, click-through, and conversions are totally different things.

By promoting directly to your conversion page, which is your sales page or squeeze page, you may not have qualified the traffic well enough for you to convert those people into paying customers. Your ROI tanks and you end up wasting a tremendous amount of time, effort and money on your Instagram campaign.