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Social Media Marketing Manager MRR Ebook With Video

Social Media Marketing Manager MRR Ebook With Video
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Social Media Marketing Manager

A blueprint for running a successful Social Media Marketing business.

What Social Media Managers Do?

A social media manager simply manages the social media networking and marketing on behalf of individuals and organisations.

Social media is this year's black and the most cutting edge form of marketing and networking. Why? Because it takes us back to basics, back to real time two way communication.

Done well it is about communication to and from a service or product provider and customers. It is about finding out the needs of the customer through direct communication and following trends. This is done through various platforms like blogging and websites, networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, video and podcasting sites, online radio blogging and live streaming sites, customer reviews and book-marking sites. After all, you only have one reputation.

As you can imagine, that takes quite a bit of work, some technical skill, an ability to write well and the discipline to maintain it all. Many businesses do not have the time or are lacking some of the skills to do this well. Some people would argue that unless these platforms are maintained regularly and kept dynamic and fresh that it is better not to do it at all. It is also important that businesses understand web etiquette and best practice when making posts or submitting articles and videos.

A social media manager has a number of roles and can offer a wide range of services.

These can include training individuals and organisations or managing the whole thing.

Management involves:

- helping people to set up a social network package
- explaining the interconnections between the various platforms
- creating a routine and schedule for posting
- helping to streamline existing routines
- making them more efficient or partially or completely managing all of
the social media and networking

A social media manager becomes the front line of customer service and can pick up communications from existing or potential customers and feed them to the appropriate person.

The manager can also keep an eye out for any potentially damaging or incorrect information that is being posted by others. A good manager will gain an excellent understanding of the business and be able to spot opportunities as they arise, plant seeds and connect with the right people. He or she can deliver content, build links, network and translate digital information from the online community.

A good online presence is not about just having a website or ranking well on Google anymore, you need a presence on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and You Tube. Your blog is where people will go to make sure you are current and credible but it also floats your site.

Good managers are passionate about social media are there to help their clients to have success online!

Social Media Manager Qualities

1. You understand technology, but you love people. Social media technology is a means to an end, that end generally being to communicate effectively, build trust and foster community.

Social Media Managers are usually outgoing people who understand what social media can do and want to use it to reach out to people — friends, customers, clients, people with similar interests, etc.

2. You possess intellectual and emotional curiousity. Sure, you’re supposed to know stuff — your company’s business, details about products and services, problem resolution procedures, etc. — but your real strength is the desire and ability to look at things from another person’s perspective. Empathy. The best customer reps have it; for a social media manager, it’s imperative.

3. You’re thoughtful, not impulsive or reactive. Being a social media manager is about more than tweeting positive thoughts and virtual brand-building. There’s a lot of pressure. Many organizations aren’t totally sold on social media, measuring its impact (especially short-term) can be difficult, not all your co-workers may be “getting it,” and dealing with crises (or even just haters) can test your patience. If you can handle these types of things, you may be able to handle the stress that comes with being a social media manager.

4. You think strategically (and communicate the strategy). An effective social media manager understands an organization’s social media goals and attempts to measure results against them. Equally important, they know how to convey strategic goals to colleagues.

5. You are a team player, not a soloist. There are some giant egos in the social media business, a lot of self-proclaimed “gurus” who amass a lot of Twitter followers and land numerous speaking engagements. Many would make lousy social media managers because they see themselves as superstars or saviors. A good social media manager freely gives out credit for successes to teammates and accepts blame for failures.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing is Profitable

Why – put simply Social Media is profitable due to the numbers, which means that anyone can reach an incredibly large number of people without spending thousands of dollars on television advertising.

- YouTube: 1 Billion views per day
- Facebook: 400 Million users
- MySpace: 200 Million users
- Twitter: 100 Million users


What you are doing is building relationships with potential clients (without necessarily trying to directly sell to them) this helps those potential clients to buy from people that they know and trust.

- People buy from people (not faceless businesses)


With the recognition of the importance of Social Media Marketing businesses are investing more as they realize its potential to lead to additional revenue streams, and to brand themselves online.

- High Growth Potential


Social Media Marketing is very, very fast. So not only can you reach a massive audience, but you can do so in a very short time. Due to the nature of Social Media Marketing it is also Viral – get your messaging right and other users will spread it across their own networks.

- Fast & Viral

What Social Media Marketing Can Do For Clients

- Brand them as an individual, product or business
- Create a large network of potential clients
- Build a responsive email list
- Drive large amounts of traffic to their website

Things to avoid

- Hard Selling

Few people respond to a hard sell. Remember that people buy from people so building relationships is the key to success in Social Media Marketing.

- Selling too soon

First concentrate on the value offering, content, branding, trust and the relationship, then people will be ready to buy.

- Spamming

Building a network to then simply send messages containing links is considered an abuse of the ethos behind Social Networking. Avoid it. It can get accounts banned, and at the least can destroy reputations and branding.

- Using Automation Software

Since Social Media Marketing involves personal connections, it is very difficult to make those connections if you let a computer do the work for you. Some tools have their place in helping you to stay organised, but see them for what they are tools. You still have to do the work.

The Social Media Marketing Jigsaw - Where Facebook Fits

Facebook has incredible potential – almost 60% of all Americans have a Facebook account. Facebook is one of the fastest ways to build a fanbase (a network) of people who know, like and trust your client.

You can create FanPages with unlimited numbers of fans.

Facebook is viral – your clients messaging can spread in seconds across other Facebook account owners networks.

Facebook is easy to update. Change a Status Message, Post to your clients Wall or add a video an all of their Friends will learn about it. Facebook is also personal. It is how people get to know your client in a more personal way than is possible through their website.